Posted by: coomercove | March 4, 2008

Glen Payne: Favorite… baritone?????

Check out this entry on wikipedia for the Singing News Fan Award winners of Favorite Baritone.

Did Glen Payne really win the award in 1982? I (very) vaguely remember hearing something about a mistake on the ballot one year that incorrectly listed Payne as baritone instead of lead, but I’m not sure. Is that what happened?

UPDATE: I checked Daniel Mount’s Cathedral Tribute site and Glen Payne is listed as winning the baritone award there as well.



  1. Yes, he did. Since he stood next to George, people assumed he was the baritone and nominated him. The way I’ve been told the story, after he won the award (he probably wasn’t expecting to!), he told SN that he should really be considered in the lead category instead.

  2. The real reason why Glen won the Baritone Award was because of a glitch when the ballots were being processed.To this day,he and Scott Fowler remain the only male vocalists to win the Favorite Lead and Favorite Baritone awards.

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