Posted by: coomercove | March 5, 2008

Tornado in Big Stone Gap

Yesterday, a tornado paved a 300 yard wide, one mile long path of destruction in my hometown of Big Stone Gap, VA. Fortunately, no one was killed, but 6 homes were destroyed, 15 homes with major damage, and 25 homes with minor damage. Please pray for all those affected by the storms.

One thing irritates me enough that I have to mention it. The local news channel seems to be more interested in bragging that their meteorologists spotted the rotation in the storm when the National Weather Service “failed” to issue a tornado warning. They went so far as to call someone from the National Weather Service for a phone interview and asked them why they didn’t issue a warning when the local station saw the rotation. They are always the first to say, “we got something right,” but they never say, “We were wrong,” when they, as usual, miss the forecast. I know to expect behavior like that, but it still grates on my nerves.

Again, please remember the people of Big Stone Gap, VA in your prayers.



  1. Being one of many Law Enforcement in Big Stone on Tuesday evening I truly believe god placed his hands over the people in that town. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in BSG

  2. I was in Norton at the time that it hit. I was at Norton community hospital and the wind blowed out one of their glass doors and knocked out power for a short period of time, and everybody was talking about it.
    Sorry to hear about it and hope everybody is doing ok.

  3. Brandon, glad to hear you guys made it through OK. Will be praying for those who weren’t as fortunate.

  4. Wes,

    I don’t actually live in Big Stone. I lived there when I was very young, and I still consider it my home town. That’s where I’m originally from.

  5. gotcha…i was confused…it’s early and i have 2 toddlers, OK? 🙂

  6. No problem, Wes. I just didn’t want to mislead anyone to thinking I was there when the storm came through town.

  7. Brandon,

    I’m from Big Stone as well. I subscribe to The Post and was heartbroken to see today’s headlines. This right after I found out about my beloved High Knob being burned to the ground.

    Big Stone is such a wonderful place, one of God’s miracles of beauty. I am praying for everyone in that area.

  8. I am from Big Stone Gap I moved to Arizona 2 weeks before the storm. I lived in the Southern Section of town. God surely was protecting his people there.

  9. I was born in Stonega and I lived in Dunbar, Derby, Keokee
    and Big Stone before graduating from AHS in 1951. I loved the area then and still feel it was the very best place to be born and grow up. God surely had his protective arm over them when the tornado hit, and as bad as it was, it could have been even worse. I have lived in Oklahoma for 45 years and am very familiar with what these storms can do.

    May God continue to watch over and bless the wonderful people who have chosen to stay and contribute to the area’s
    culture and economy. The beauty of the land there is a testament to God’s handiwork and beauty.

  10. i was there when it happened …….. it was soooo sad ..
    its sad how we don’t have a park or a popler hiill no more ””

  11. I am so sorry to hear about this. I saw the video on Youtube and the pictures on the Kilbourne website:

    I graduated from Burton in ’95 but still have several friends in SWVA. I know that when something like this happens the entire community bonds together to help eachother. I will be praying for everyone and thanking GOD every minute that nobody was killed! We never consider things like this happening down there because our mountains do such a great job of protecting us! GOD bless you all.

  12. i have lived in big stone gap all my life i love this beautiful little town.i thank God that no one was killed .we have a beautiful place here to live the clean up will take awhile all my prayers are for the people who lost there home.this town is strong and the people are wonderful .we will bounce back better and stronger.God Bless all the workers, and the volunters.

  13. I’m from BSG and live in Kingsport now. My mom and dad’s house was one of the 6 completly destroyed. They are rebuilding and are so blessed to know God definately had His hands on and arms around BSG on March 4.

  14. Hi, my whole family is from Big Stone Gap and I just wanted to say that I love that place. It’s a beautiful place and God was definitely watching over the people there. I know how dedicated and strong willed the people from there are and how close the whole city is and I know it will be back to its self again one day. I’m just glad everyone up there was ok and no one was hurt real bad. I’m from South Mississippi (a direct hit from Katrina) so i know how these storms can get. I love visiting up there and to think that a storm did this to a gorgeous place just makes me upset. But like I said, my whole family is from there and still there and we get updates all the time and its nice to see people coming to together in a time like this. God bless and be safe!!

  15. My dad is eddie kilbourne and he took pics there live there it was bad

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