Posted by: coomercove | March 10, 2008

Southern Gospel Roundup

There’s a few interesting things worth mentioning this morning….

  • What’s going on with the Greenes? A thread on the Singing News forum, started as a prayer request for Tim Greene, contains all kinds of interesting stuff. The problem is deciphering what is true. Nic Holland, who has been a member of Won By One and the Specks and also filled in for the Greenes and Legacy Five, will reportedly be filling in again for the Greenes. This time for the departing Brad Hudson. However, there is also a mention that Brad is staying with the group until sometime in April. Also, there’s a post saying that TaRanda had the baby. Then, there’s a post saying the baby will be born later this month. So for the time being, is the Greenes’ lineup going to be Tony, TaRanda, and Nic or Tony, Nic, and Brad? If it is the former, who’s going to fill in for TaRanda when the baby is born?  (I’m trying really hard to make a Kermit the Frog/”It’s not easy being green(e) joke, right now.)
  • Wesley Smith has officially joined the Dixie Echoes as their new tenor. Wesley has been the group’s fill in since the start of the year. He replaces the departed Dallas Rogers.
  • With Smith joining the Dixie Echoes, let’s do a run down of the guys that left Palmetto State Quartet. The story, which is seemingly false now, was that the guys were planning on forming their own group, leaving Kerry Beatty. Beatty then merged with his brother’s group, The Classic Sound Quartet, to form a new Palmetto State.
    • Tenor Smith to the Dixie Echoes.
    • Baritone Rick Fair to one of the Blackwood groups (the one in Pigeon Forge, TN).
    • Bass Burman Porter was mentioned as being with the Blackwood Gospel Quartet (again) for at least a weekend or two).
    • Piano player Bryan Elliot went back to his original group, the Anchormen. Of course, he didn’t recognize anyone when he got on the bus since every member from the time he was there left to form Driven.
  • Over the weekend, the 2008 class of the SGMA Hall of Fame inductees were announced. The class includes Fred Daniels, Polly Grimes, Hershel Lester, Squire Parsons, Luther G. Presley, and Ray Dean Reese (I have to admit that I’ve never thought of Ray Dean has a Hall of Fame caliber singer, but I guess longevity has to count for something).


  1. I think the former PSQ members were considering starting their own group, but once Rick Fair secured the Blackwoods job, the others started looking elsewhere.

  2. you can learn some stuff here, that’s good. but obviously you have never been to a kingsmen concert or listened to ray dean sing. this man is alot better then some of the so called great basses of today. deep is not always the answer, on key, smoothness, vibrato in voice, pitch, i assign you to go to a kingsmen concert and listen, then come back and listen to some of the old kingsmen lps. then make your descion. he is HALL OF FAME CALIBER STUFF———-THANK YOU

  3. A. Kees,

    First thing, thanks for reading!

    Second, let me say that I enjoy the Kingsmen’s recorded projects. I have everything the group has recorded since about 1993 and most of their records from the 70s and 80s (Parrack and Phillips era). Their latest mainline project is phenomenal.

    Third, I’d like to tell you that I have been to several Kingsmen concerts since 1996. And to be honest, I have been disappointed EVERY TIME. Their live sound at every concert I’ve been to has been atrocious. If I were to judge Ray Dean by going to concerts, as you have “assigned” me to do, my opinion of them would be much lower than my stated opinion of “not Hall of Fame caliber.” My opinion of Ray Dean isn’t that he is a bad singer, but not a hall of fame caliber vocalist.

    Let me say again that I really enjoy the Kingsmen’s recorded projects. I don’t have a personal vendetta against them. I’m simply giving my opinion of how the group has sounded at every concert I’ve heard them. Not every fifth concert, not every other concert, but every concert. If it wasn’t every time (which is probably about ten concerts), I could blame it on other factors, but almost a dozen concerts? How can I think that they don’t have a bad live sound?

  4. howdy, i am glad you don’t have a personal vendetta against them. “( my opinion of them would be much lower) “- your assignment was to go to a kingsmen concert and listen to Ray. i like my buddy stuart have all the kingsmen albums, and probably a few that really are not that well known. please listen to ray, he has also made the kingsmen what they are today. a true gospel music icon. he deserves more than what they give him credit for. but this is a start. thank you-your friend a. kees

  5. Ray Dean isnt 50% what he was in the Day of Ernie Phillips! Not even Close! However, Because of his years of service and Dedication to the Industry, He is Truely Hall of Fame Material!

    Had to get my 2 cents in!

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