Posted by: coomercove | March 14, 2008

The Steeles vs. The Crabb Family

I saw this posted at SoGospelNews today,

Resting Place Music To Promote The Steeles.

I hadn’t heard anything from the Steeles since Troy Peach was with them and they seemingly fell off the face of the earth.  Apparently, they just fell to Alabama (close enough).  Jeff and Sheri Steele came off the road a couple of years ago to pastor Faith Baptist Church in Vinemont, AL.  Now, they have a new project (also featuring the church choir) coming out and the proceeds will go to the church’s building fund.

Looking back on the Steeles, aren’t they somewhat reminiscent of the Crabb Family?  Not in their musical styles, but in their success.  The group started out featuring the dad and mom.  The dad was a song writer whose songs would take the industry by storm.  For a while, every song they released to radio seemed to hit number one (during the Southern Steele time frame).  Eventually, all the kids would be involved in some form or the other.  Both experienced huge success on Daywind Records and helped Daywind in the process.  The Steeles helped Daywind get a strong footing on the Singing News charts.  The Crabb Family played a part in Daywind securing a distribution deal with Word Entertainment.

I’m not saying the Steeles were ever at the same level of success as the Crabb Family, but I’m not imagining the similarities am I?


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