Posted by: coomercove | March 17, 2008

And JJ Redick was hated because he’s goofy….

Former Duke Blue Devil star JJ Redick was one of the most hated players in college basketball history. Opposing fans called him every bad name in the book. For the most part, his biggest crime was being good, followed by being a goofy white kid (his DUI incident took place either after his final game or late in his senior season).

Well, did you see North Carolina star and player of the year Tyler Hansbrough after he hit the game winning shot at the end of the Virginia Tech game Saturday?

Goofy white dude

This picture doesn’t do it justice.  This video includes his… “dance.” Whatever he did while running up the court was…. amazing. I can’t believe anyone would do that in public. I can’t dance much better, but I have the common sense and decency not to dance. There are probably a lot of little kids he scarred for life doing that.

UPDATE: Here is a you tube video of the game winning shot and Tyler’s… reaction. You may want to lower the volume. The music leaves much to be desired.

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