Posted by: coomercove | March 17, 2008

Digital Singing News magazine

As Daniel Mount has pointed out, the Singing News is now offering a digital (pdf) version of the magazine for download as well as a digital only subscription service. Daniel has done a great job covering what this may mean for the long term future of the magazine, so I’m just going to throw in what this means to me.

This makes me much more likely to re-subscribe. You see, I’m a pack rat. I have not looked at my old issues for two or three years, and have started to throw them away more than once in the that timespan, but I just can’t do it. I may never look at them again, but what if I want to? I have to keep them.

One reason I haven’t subscribed in the last year or so, is that I don’t have anywhere to store them. My Singing News box is full. I’m out of space. If I have a digital only subscription, my storage problem is solved. I can read the magazine and keep it forever on my hard drive.

(I won’t even mention how wonderful it would be for them to offer a complete Singing News library in a digital format.)


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