Posted by: coomercove | March 21, 2008

Scott Rogers leaves Crossway, group seeking new tenor

According to this news item on SoGospelNews, tenor Scott Rogers has left Crossway to spend more time with his family. The group has posted a video message from Scott on it’s website here.

As I posted a couple of days ago, I have five or six Crossway videos on my you tube page. They can be seen here.

I hate to see Scott leave. I think he was a perfect fit with Crossway and was one of the friendliest artists that I’ve ever met. When talking to him, he always seemed very devoted to his family. This may be one of the rare instances when a singer leaves the road to spend time with their family that they spend more than a few months off the road.

As for Crossway, it is hard to imagine that they will find a tenor that fits so perfectly with them as Scott. Of course, I was shocked when I heard Scott had joined Crossway. From what I had heard of him with N’Harmony, I didn’t think he would fit with them. I quickly learned how wrong I was when I attended a concert with the group in October 2006. I was sold on Scott and Crossway’s new sound halfway through the opening song, “On My Way To Heaven.” Hopefully, I will be proven wrong again.

Scott, thanks for the all too few memories and conversations. My prayers go with you to where ever God leads you.

Crossway, I’ll be praying that God quickly sends the right man for the job and that He continues to bless your group and ministry.

UPDATE: NateSings has suggested a replacement over at Burkes Brainwork. He mentions Dusty Barrett as a possible new tenor. Dusty is/was a part of Crystal River. Rumors have circulated that Crystal River has disbanded, but nothing official has been announced.



  1. Who is going to sing “Took It All Away?” Waahh!!!

  2. I’ve known Scott since he was singing with The Brethren Quartet. He’s one of the nicest, most polite guys you’ll ever meet. I wish Scott the best in everything he does, and I know that he’s got ministry in his heart.

  3. Miss Scott dearly. Continue to love and support Matt and Paul. Too wonderful of a message in song to be silenced.

  4. So sorry to just learn the news about Scott. Would like to convey message to him how “Took It All Away” ministered to me as I evacuated from Hurricane Ike recently. Is there an email contact for him – or the group? I pray they ALL keep singing and blessing . . .

  5. Is Scott Roger Band still around. I was a fan of his from the first time I heard him with Crossway, and now I’ve lost track of him. Would love to know if he’s still singing and if he’s got any albums to purchase

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