Posted by: coomercove | March 26, 2008

NFL QB grades/NY Jets draft

CBS Sportsline writer Pete Prisco as an article in which he grades every NFL team’s quarterbacks.  Below is what he says about the New York Jets.

Starter: Chad Pennington Backups: Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff

The skinny: Can the Jets be really comfortable with either Pennington or Clemens? Neither played well last season. Pennington’s arm gets him in trouble and Clemens’ inexperience gets him there. The Jets need to draft a quarterback.

Grade: C-

He’s saying that inexperience gets Clemens’ in trouble, so the team needs to draft a quarterback.  I’m not too impressed with his analysis.  Why?  Because a drafted QB would have less experience than Clemens, defeating his purpose of drafting a QB.

I do hope the Jets draft a project QB (Josh Johnson, Dennis Dixon, or Colt Brennan) in the sixth or seventh round, but I would hate to see them spend a high draft pick on one.  If one of the top QBs drop to them in the first or second round, I’d rather they trade down for more picks than take one that high.

My dream draft scenario is for the Jets to trade the sixth pick to Dallas for the 22nd, 28th, and a late round pick.  With that trade, we could take a receiver and cornerback.

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