Posted by: coomercove | March 27, 2008

News from the Greenes

Two pieces of information have came from the Greenes this week.

  • Paul Lancaster has joined the group, replacing the departed Brad Hudson. Paul will have a couple of weeks to learn the groups material.  Their next appearance is April 8, 2008.  Daniel Mount gave a quick rundown of Paul’s previous groups. A comment there by volscot, who has a fantastic You Tube page, questioned whether or not Paul is gaining or already gained a reputation for quickly passing through groups.  I posted the following in response:

Paul is far from David Hill territory. The Mullins, Sunday Drive, and Everyday Driven are, to me anyway, variations of the same group. He did leave the Nelons, but didn’t almost everyone else? The Martins came off the road. Was that decision made because he left or did they leave him? All the other groups (plus Crossway, who he filled in with at NQC one year) were temporary arrangements and were announced as such. If the one person whose group Paul seems to leave most often (Buddy Mullins) always lets him rejoin, he must not be thought of too badly.

  • The second piece of info concerns the Greenes’ Gospel Singing Jubilee. The event is moving again, this time to Rally Park in Marion, NC. The event will be held at Rally Park’s 5,000 seat pavilion, which features the amenities listed here. The park’s camping center/RV park will be rented by the Greenes for the July 31 – August 2 event, so no camping reservations will be needed. To receive more information on the Jubilee, call (888)238-6858.

And after the confusion on the Singing News forum a few weeks ago, I have to ask, has baby Josie been born yet?????


  1. One important point regarding the Marion location that I’ve been unable to find out…is any of it covered? I assume it’s an outdoor theater setting.

    Marion is SO much more convenient to me than Boone. I will have to try to take in some of this event this year, even though I typically avoid outdoor singings.

  2. It appears that April 2 may be Josie’s birthday unless she decides she wants it before that!

  3. […] Paul joined the Greenes, I defended him as not being another David Hill, a singer who jumps from group to group to group.  Now, I may […]

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