Posted by: coomercove | March 28, 2008

Gold City on TBN (with video of Bruce Taliaferro)

Gold City was on TBN‘s Praise The Lord program tonight. They did the following set:

  • “God’s Still Good”
  • “Mercy Came Running”
  • “That’s What I’m Talking About”
  • “Preach The Word”

Of course, what most people were interested in, myself included, was their new lead singer, Bruce Taliaferro. I was pleasantly surprised. On his feature, I thought he may have been a bit… stiff. He sounded good. Different, but good. A video of Bruce singing “That’s What I’m Talking About” is below.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been wanting to hear Bruce. I’m going to like Gold City with him even though I’ll miss Jon.

  2. I think Bruce will loosen up over time. Can’t wait to hear the new project. Bruce has the type of voice to do justice to Jonathan Wilburn’s songs, while still carving a good niche for himself. Excited for the future for Bruce and Gold City!

  3. Thanks for posting the clip from the show. I think Revival had a more progressive sound than previous GC CD’s. If this one song is any indication of Bruce’s ability, then I think that progressive sound is really going to work well for GC. Jonathan Wilburn’s voice is great, but doesn’t fit the edgier sound that I think they were going for.

  4. i watched the whole show on tbn’s site, and even though the crabbs were on, plus a couple of other groups, gold city was definitely the best part of the show. bruce has a different sound, but he’s good. really good. i loved it!!

  5. Hi. If it wouldn’t take too much time, is there any way you could post that link without imbedding it, or could you email it to me? I am blind, and my screen-reading software is not liking the imbedded link for some reason. Thanks for considering this.

  6. Hi, disregard the last comment. I found it. Thanks.

  7. I agree, Jonathon didn’t fit at all with the “new” sound. Hope Bruce works for them

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