Posted by: coomercove | March 31, 2008

Jason Waldroup to leave Greater Vision

As I’m sure you’ve read in several places, Greater Vision’s Jason Waldroup is leaving this fall to “pursue a seminary education”. This will be Greater Vision’s first lineup change in 13 years. The first time I heard Jason was in August 1996 at Greater Vision’s outdoor Praise Fest in Sevierville, TN (the same night I attended my only Cathedrals concert – the one I left after their first two songs). At the time, Jason was very young and I wasn’t that impressed. Over time, I felt that Jason improved a tremendous amount. I don’t think he ever improved to the level that he would have cracked my list of ten favorite tenors, but he did become a very capable singer. If nothing else, he has my utmost respect for his performance of “Just Ask” from the Quartets project. It has been more than a couple of years since I’ve seen Greater Vision in concert, but from recent reports, it seems he may have regressed. I guess that could have been due to the fact that he has “been struggling with [the decision] for more than a year”. My prayers and best wishes to the Waldroups.

As for Greater Vision, I hope this is the change they need to break out of the musical rut they’ve been in for the last several years. As I mentioned, I haven’t been to one of their concerts in years. That is because I haven’t really heard anything from them that I wanted to hear that I haven’t heard before. They still have a good sound, but to me, it is a boring sound. I will admit that I still haven’t heard their newest project, but that is also due to the fact that it seems once you’ve heard one Greater Vision project, you’ve heard them all. I pray that God sends the right man to Gerald and Rodney, who He will use to revitalize their sound and continue their ministry.


  1. […] rut that Greater Vision seems to have been in recently, and like Brandon at Coomer Cove aptly states, I too am hopeful that with a new singer will come some new life into their music.  It isn’t […]

  2. I also wish jason waldroup the best, i enjoy hearing jason
    and greater vision sing. they have sure won a lot of awards to
    be so boring to you people. evidently you dont know good singing when you hear it. Jason has been nominated several
    times for tenor of the year. seems to me if he was not
    good enough this would not happen over and over.
    best wishes jason, pay no attention to what the critics have
    to say about you, you are one of the best tenors in southern
    gospel. Love from bowdon, georgia.

  3. I can understand why you don’t enjoy GV if you have not seen them in several years. How can you say unkind things about them. Personally, I have driven 500 miles just to see them and to enjoy seeing Jason! I have tried to compare GV with outher groups out there and the are still tops for me and many others.

  4. GV to me is the greatest gospel group singing today. I haven’t heard them sing since Jason left, but I know they are still great. May the Lord bless them as they continue to spread the gospel through their music and songs. You guys are the greatest in my book.

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