Posted by: coomercove | April 4, 2008

Another Gaither Vocal Band Reunion update

Daniel Mount posted a link to this article that with the following quote from Bill Gaither about the upcoming Gaither Vocal Band reunion.

“This summer, we’re going to record a Vocal Band reunion video. We’ll get 15 alumni of the band to reminisce and sing,” he said.

Daniel points out that “Gaither didn’t say is which fifteen alumni will be present, or whether that number includes the four present members.”

I headed over to Southern Gospel History’s Vocal Band entry and copied the list of men who have been a part of the Vocal Band.

  1. Bill Gaither
  2. Steve Green
  3. Gary McSpadden
  4. Lee Young
  5. Jon Mohr
  6. Larnelle Harris
  7. Michael English
  8. Lemuel Miller
  9. Jim Murray
  10. Mark Lowry
  11. Terry Franklin
  12. Jonathan Pierce
  13. Buddy Mullins
  14. Guy Penrod
  15. David Phelps
  16. Russ Taff
  17. Marshall Hall
  18. Wes Hampton

By definition alumni would indicate former members, but if the list above is correct, it only leaves 14 alumni. If you include current members in the 15, it means three former members are not going to be there. Of course, there is also the possibility that Gaither did not include himself in that “15”. That would mean that two former members will not be there.

So, anyone want to guess who will not be present?

UPDATE:  Southern Gospel Blog commenter Canuk had the same thought I did.



  1. Don’t you figure he meant, “roughly fifteen?” I can’t see him stopping during the interview to count up the exact number of past members on his fingers.

    Wes Hampton, who broke the story, has already reported, “Everyone who has ever been in the GVB will come together for two days…”

    That statement is rather comprehensive in scope. I would assume every former GVB member will be there barring some change in plans between now and then.

  2. Maybe, but I thought Bill Gaither saw and knew everything. 😉

    This is just fun speculation, as far as I’m concerned. Speculation is all I’m left with since the taping will be closed. I was looking forward to concert reports before the video was released.

  3. Here’s some fun speculation….since it’s a close set, will there be “homecoming friends” present as audience members, or will it be more like the Gospel Singing Jubilee, in that the members will take turns singings songs in front of a camera and nothing else?

    Or maybe in music video format???

    Since some of the songs are somewhat older, I wonder if tracks still exist for them. Would this warrant the need for a LIVE BAND?????

  4. This is a big event and video. I would think that they HAVE to have a live band.

    I think it would look funny if they only have several dozen people sitting in the audience. Maybe the “homecoming friends” will be sitting on stage.

    Of course, I would have also thought that they would have to do this with a live audience, so what do I know?

  5. Well w/ the album due out on the 27th of Jan ’09, we now know that there are 3 members not present at the Gaither Vocal Band Reunion.

    1. Lemuel Miller
    2. Terry Franklin
    3. Jonathan Pierce

    One can’t help but speculate as to why they werent’ involved. I read a rumor (emphasize rumor) that Jonathan Pierce was forced to resign the Vocal Band to make room for David Phelps. Who knows???

    Terry Franklin was a great Irish tenor that I loved to hear.. and of course Lemuel never recorded a project w/ the group.

  6. I personally love the fact that Michael English and Mark Lowry are back with the GVB. I even embrace the fact that David Phelps came back because he is an incredible talent. But Wes Hampton…..seriously!! Both Jonathan Pierce and Terry Franklin had more vocal talent in their pinky finger than Hampton does in his whole body! But I guess the politics of it all are beyond my comprehension really. We all do know that Michael English basically made Bill Gaither a millionaire right? If you look at all of the GVB songs that made the charts and won the doves over the years, no other member has been most influential in their success! He’s even proven his success as a solo artist on top of that…can I get an AMEN???

    • Hey hey Wes Hampton is bettert then both of them put together

  7. I saw and heard Michael English for the first time on the Reunion dvd’s and I was blown away as he was absolutely the best on both. So I just have to say AMEN.

  8. I have wondered why Jonathan Pierce is not with the GVB Is there any way I can find out why and what he is doing now.

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