Posted by: coomercove | April 10, 2008

Booth Brothers’ new single & project

I don’t know if I’ve overlooked it or it hasn’t been mentioned much, but I ran across the Booth Brothers‘ new single, “Welcome To The Family”, on Southern Gospel Reporter‘s front page music player. The song comes from the group’s debut Daywind project, Room For More. On Daywind’s website, the only date mentioned for the project’s release is an old news release from 10/4/07 saying the project would be out in March 2008. I couldn’t find any information on the project on the Booth Brother’s website or by searching Google.

Anyone know when the project will be released?



  1. I think the album should be out by late May or early June…not really sure!

  2. @ a recent concert they said it would be out August 5th.

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