Posted by: coomercove | April 17, 2008

CD inserts for digital downloads

As a winner of David Bruce Murray’s Guess the Group contest, I received a digital download of the Kingsmen’s new CD, When God Ran from Crossroads Music.

As far as I can recall,  this is the first time I’ve downloaded a project I wanted instead of purchasing the physical CD.  I already realize the biggest thing you miss out on by downloading mp3s instead of purchasing the physical CD is the CD insert.

Talking to David Bruce Murray, I know he is extremely impressed by this project, including the production work. To give credit where credit is due, I’d like to know who exactly was working behind the scenes on this project. I’d also like to know which writers contributed songs to the project and who played on the tracks (especially the triangle, although I’d say it was David Johnson).

In this digital age, is it too much to ask that if a record label is going to take the time to offer mp3 downloads, to take an extra five to ten minutes to scan the CD insert? Like someone said on the Singing News forum (Adam Edwards, maybe?), it would be worth it to some if you had to pay an additional amount for it.  If the tracks are $0.99 each, I’d pay another $0.99 for the CD insert.


  1. You know, I bet that the triangle would fall under the orchestration credit. Not that anyone couldn’t play the triangle…..

  2. I’ve bought some CDs from iTunes that automatically included the CD artwork in .pdf format. Josh Turner’s latest project comes to mind. It shows up in my music list in itunes, but when you open the file, it loads in Acrobat instead. The quality is great. There’s no reason that it shouldn’t be included.

    I also think a high-res image of the front cover should be included for those of us who are anal about having the artwork displayed in iTunes.

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