Posted by: coomercove | April 22, 2008

UPDATED: Cathedrals video – “Turn Your Back”

In the comments about the old Cathedral song, “Turn Your Back” being covered on Gold City’s new Moment Of Truth project, reader Andrew S. pointed out that a video of the song is on You Tube.

The video is on Volscot’s page and he has provided the direct link to it (I am at work, so I can’t get to the video to embed it).

Thanks Andrew and Volscot!

UPDATE: I’m still at work, but Daniel Mount provided me with the information to embed the video. Thanks, Daniel!!!


  1. Hey…your welcome! I think it’ll do great in GC concerts…

  2. You’re welcome. 🙂

  3. Man you just can’t beat that group of the 80’s. Classic sound.

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