Posted by: coomercove | April 23, 2008

Updated Top Five

I finally got around to updating my top five southern gospel artists (seen at the top of the left column).

With Scott Rogers departure from Crossway, they dropped off the list. While Matt is their lead and the featured singer on most songs, Scott made their sound to me. Although, I was very… unsure of what he would sound like with the group when he joined them. He proved to be the perfect fit with them and I’ll miss him.

The Mark Trammell Trio moved up from four to five. I’m hoping that it is almost time for them to release another project.

Moving into the top five is the Booth Brothers. I am anxiously waiting on their debut Daywind project, Room For More.

I will mention that although Crossway dropped off my list due to the departure of Scott Rogers, Gold City stayed in the top position, even with the departure of Jonathan Wilburn. I’ll give two reasons.

  1. I’ve watched several videos with Bruce Taliaferro singing with Gold City. He doesn’t sound like Jonathan, but he is a very good singer and sounds great with the group.
  2. Gold City is my favorite. They can keep the top spot at least until I see them live (May 22, I hope). Yes, I’m biased. So what? 😉

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