Posted by: coomercove | April 25, 2008

Triumphant’s cover song covered again (and again and again)

In the mega review for the Kingsmen’s new project, When God Ran, I mentioned the fact that this year and last year, Triumphant Quartet had covered old Happy Goodman songs that were also covered by another major artist. In 2007, both Triumphant and the Perrys covered “The Holy Hills of Heaven”. This year, Triumphant and the Kingsmen recorded “The Cloud He’s Coming Back On”. I also exchanged comments on Southern Gospel Blog with a poster named christian about this. I am afraid it appeared I was pointing my online finger at Triumphant for this. That is not the case. I was only pointing out the (strange or funny, take your pick) coincidence of this happening not once, but twice.

Now, it is happening a third time. The only difference is that this doesn’t involve a Happy Goodman song, but an old Cathedrals’ song, “Turn Your Back”. It went around early this week that the song would appear on Gold City’s next project, Moment Of Truth. Triumphant recorded the song on the same project as “The Cloud He’s Coming Back On”, Intermission. Just like the other two songs, Triumphant has released their cover version first.

These songs have been lying around for over twenty years, but are being picked up by two groups in the same year. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with groups covering the same songs, but I think that it is funny, especially since one group is involved in all three instances. Still, I’m not picking on Triumphant. The only thing this says about Triumphant is that they know how to pick out good songs.


  1. Well, most new albums aren’t made with secrecy surrounding the song selection. Some artists, producers, etc. talk freely about the songs they plan to record or have in the works. So it’s no shock that a “buzz” gets going to the point that another artist remembers one of the same songs and decides to also take a stab at it.

    There’s less “guilt” involved when one of the projects is a table release.

    What has to be more annoying to an artist is when they think they have first shot at a brand new song and their label invests the cash required to put it on a major CD release…for example, when Triumphant recorded “One Holy Morning”…and then the songwriter decides to record and single the song to radio with his own group. In that case, Triumphant had the superior cut. I believe it would have been their first number one song if they had been given the chance to put it out there. The songwriter’s version didn’t get quite that far. The song itself is fantastic, but his recorded version wasn’t as good.

    Or when an artist finds out two other artists also recorded the song. Three different artists on three different labels recorded “Preach The Word” 18 months ago, or so.

  2. David, do you mean “Truth Is Marching On” instead of “Preach The Word”?

    “Truth” was recorded by Gold City on New Haven, Talley Trio on Crossroads, and Legacy Five on Daywind. Gold City had the rights to send the song to radio, but were the last group to release the project that contained the song.

  3. FYI, Triumphant’s version of “The Cloud He’s Coming Back On” is better than the Kingsmen’s. I thought I would be biased towards the K-men’s version since I was more familiar with it, but Triumphant lays the smack down on it ;-)!

  4. Adam, I have to disagree. I think Triumphant’s version is too laid back, too low energy. It lacks the drive that the Kingsmen’s version has, due in part to the modern country track.

  5. I’ll agree that TQ’s version is more laid back, but as a group, TQ simply has better vocals than the Kingsmen…..and that’s on any given song. Now this is probably due to the fact that I’m a much bigger TQ fan than that of the K-men, so I’m a little biased :-).

  6. I completely agree with you that TQ has better vocals than the Kingsmen. On that song however, I think the energized version fits better.

    Neither group is one of my favorites, so I don’t think I’m biased. 😉

    I will go ahead and tell you that Gold City’s version of “Turn Your Back” will be much better than TQ’s. 🙂 And yes, now I am being biased.

  7. I think I’ll agree with your Gold City statement. Eric tended to growl more than sing on “Turn Your Back”. Hopefully Tex will sing the entire song!

  8. How did you get the CD so quick? Did you mail order it or is it available to buy online somewhere?

    I listened to “The Cloud He’s Coming Back On” on TQ’s myspace page.

  9. I bought it from their website 2 days ago and it came in the mail this morning. They’ve got great service on their web orders…..but I only live about 2 hours away from them.

  10. Wow…. that is quick. I’m hesitant about ordering from a group’s website because a lot of them say, “please wait 4 to 6 weeks for delivery”. If I order from a group, I usually call the order in.

    One time, I ordered a CD from Greater Vision on a Monday and got it on Tuesday. Like you, I live close by Greater Vision and Triumphant. (In Kingsport – one hour from Sevierville).

  11. Don’t forget….Gold City is reportedly covering “Bread Upon The Water” two years after the GVB did….

  12. Yeah…. but hasn’t everybody (yes, that’s an exaggeration) covered “Bread Upon The Water”? I mean, even Mended Wings covered it. 😉 They did it years before the GVB.

  13. I know Mended Wings covered it. They had several good songs, too.

  14. I have two or three projects by Mended Wings. They were very underrated. Are they still together?

  15. Mended Wings was / is good.

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