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My New York Jets’ draft nightmare has started – UPDATED

UPDATE: I have decided that I will continue to update this one post leading up to and through out the NFL draft. I won’t be able to sit and watch the entire thing, but I will update as much as I can. Understand that I will lean towards talking about my J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

My worst case scenario has started.

ESPN is reporting that the Rams will select DE Chris Long with the second overall pick in the draft. I think most people thought they would be selecting DT Glenn Dorsey.

It is also being reported that the Raiders will take RB Darren McFadden with the fourth pick.

The big domino that has yet to fall is who the Atlanta Falcons will pick at the three spot, QB Matt Ryan or Dorsey.


Now, ESPN is saying that they have heard Atlanta will select the QB, Matt Ryan, in part to be the new face of the franchise in wake of the Mike Vick situation of last year.

It is looking like the top four picks are shaping up to be the following.

  1. Dolphins – Jake Long
  2. Rams – Chris Long
  3. Falcons – Matt Ryan
  4. Raiders – Darren McFadden

It would be the Jets’ luck for the best DT in the draft, Glenn Dorsey, to fall to them. Especially after they traded their 3rd and 5th round picks to Carolina for DT Kris Jenkins and signed him to a new contract.


ESPN Page 2 writer DJ Gallo posted his mock draft. It appears to be mostly serious, but includes at least a couple of humor picks thrown in. Of course, one of the humor picks is used on the Jets. He has them picking

Cliff McGillicutty, building operations manager, Secaucus Business Park”.

The Jets’ website says that the team needs a building operations manager for their new training facility in New Jersey. Where better to pick one up than the NFL draft? You see, the Jets’ draft history is so full of ridiculously bad picks, this prediction doesn’t upset me, I EXPECT something insane like this from the team’s actual pick.


One of ESPN’s draft experts, Todd McShay, just made a bold prediction. Consensus leading up to the draft had top QB Matt Ryan going in the first round with the next three QBs (Brian Brohm, Chad Henne, and Joe Flacco) going in the top part of the second. McShay says that all four will go in the first round. He expects three teams with high second round picks will be trading back into the last part of the first to get their QBs of the future.

Big story from Chris Mortensen… he says that the Baltimore Ravens love QB Ryan (worst kept secret of this draft), who is probably going #3 to the Falcons, but don’t want to trade their entire draft to move up to get him. Mort says the Ravens may offer their franchise player, DE/OLB Terrell Suggs, to the Rams in an effort to get ahead of the Falcons. IMO, that is too much to give up for the QB. Drafting QBs is too risky to give up a player like Suggs to draft one. I think the Ravens would be better off trading down in the first or trading up from the second.


A beat writer for the Jets just mentioned that the team could trade up to Atlanta’s pick to select McFadden. If not, they may stand pat and draft Gholston (NO!!!!!!!!!!!). What could blow up the Jets’ plans is if the Chiefs select Gholston at #5. The writer says if this occurs, expect the Jets to auction off their pick to teams coveting Dorsey. If the Jets move back, the writer expects them to focus on a CB. I’m ok with trading out of the 6th spot, but I’m not sure I want the team to tie up first round money in CBs in back to back drafts. The team traded up and drafted CB Darrelle Revis last year.

Every year, that show the video of some of the ridiculous draft picks the Jets have made through the years. The clip ESPN just showed started with the Ken O’Brien pick (instead of Dan Marino). Then they went to the pick of DE Jeff Lageman (complete with analyst Mel Kiper, JR. immediately saying, “It is obvious to me right now that the Jets just don’t understand what the draft is about.”). Finally, they showed the clip of the Jets’ fans chanting “We Want Sapp! We want Sapp!” before the selection of TE Kyle Brady. Luckily, they didn’t even mention picks like RB Blair Thomas and TE Johnny Mitchell. You can watch the full video with several other picks included below.


First four picks go according to what was talked about this morning. The Chiefs are debating which player to take or to accept a trade with the Saints.


Had to step out for a bit. Of course, it was while the Jets were up, but that’s ok. The Jets took DE/OLB Vernon Gholston from Ohio State. Gholston could turn out to be a huge beast that gives the AFC East QBs nightmares for years, or he could be the feared workout warrior and never translate his physical skills to consistent on field success.

The first two trades have taken place. The Saints moved up by trading with the Patriots and the Jaguars moved way up by trading with the Ravens. Both teams moved up to get help on the DL. The trade puts the Baltimore Ravens in the back of the first round in position to draft one of the three second tier QBs. It also gives them extra picks to use as ammo to move up in the first round to get their choice of the three QBs. According to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio who is in Baltimore, they may need to move up or they’ll have to “sweat it out” with other teams contemplating moving up ahead of them. I guess that is the danger of showing your hand first.

Teams that could take a QB (in no particular order): Ravens, Seahawks, Bears, Dolphins, Jets, Chiefs, Panthers, and Packers

With only three 2nd tier QBs available, some teams may be disappointed.


A run on OL has started. OT Ryan Clady (Broncos, 12th), OT Chris Williams (Bears, 14th), and OG Branden Albert (Chiefs, 15th) have been selected in three of the last four picks.

The Chiefs moved up from the 17th to the 15th pick by trading with the Lions. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the Chiefs attempt to move up from the second round to get one of the QBs.


The run on OL continued with OT Gosder Cherilus going to the Lions at #17.

The Ravens have used the ammo I mentioned earlier and moved up to #18 to select Delaware QB Joe Flacco. They worked out a trade with the Houston Texans to move up. The Ravens sent the 26th pick, along with their 3rd and 6th round picks, to the Texans.

You have to feel for QB Brohm fro Louisville. If he had entered the draft last year, he probably would have been a top five pick. Whenever a player in any sport is called out for entering the draft too soon, remember the flip side to the argument. By staying one more year in college, Brohm has lost millions of dollars and been picked apart by scouts, coaches, and fans, the same people talking about how great he was last year.

The Panthers made a trade (giving up a 2nd and 4th this year AND a 1ST next year — way too much) with the Eagles to move up and select OT Jeff Otah out of Pittsburgh. Five of the last eight picks have been offensive linemen. That will probably end the run on OL picks.


Or not… The Falcons trade up with the Redskins to select OT Sam Baker.

Dallas on the clock. Do they take RB Rashard Mendenhall here or do they wait to their 28th pick to pick RB Felix Jones? If they wait for Jones at 28th, do they go after a CB or WR at 22?

I’m watching the NFL draft. I don’t care that the Nationwide series is racing on ABC. Stop the split screen ESPN!

Well, the ‘Boys selected Felix Jones at #22. Good pick, but I’m not sure about the value. With Mendenhall still on the board, they should have waited until #28. I think that this is an example of Jerry Jones and his Arkansas roots having too big a pull on the team.


The Titans select RB Chris Johnson at the 24th pick. They should have went with a WR, but I hate the Titans, so I don’t mind them making a bad pick.

I guess I was wrong about the Cowboys pick. They picked the RB when they needed to. Or did the Titans mess up and make Jerry Jones look smart?

Seahawks on the clock with pick #25. Earlier in the day, I heard mention of the them coming out of nowhere and drafting a QB here. Smokescreen or fire?

OK, the Seahawks traded the pick to the Cowboys, who select CB Mike Jenkins from South Florida.


The Jets have moved up!!!!! Who are they after? I hope not QB. I’m hoping WR. The pick is in…

TE Dustin Keller from Purdue.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE JETS AND TIGHT ENDS???? Johnny Mitchell, Kyle Brady, Anthony Becht and now this guy. I hope he’s better than the other three combined.

Now, what did it cost us to move up (and why did we move up?)? I saw in ESPN’s Draftcast chat that the Jets sent their 2nd round pick and a 4th round pick to the Packers for the pick. The scout also said that the ONLY reason for the Jets to make this trade was because they heard another team was planning on taking Keller ahead of them. I’m not sold on this trade. I’d prefer a WR and the Jets have screwed up too many 1st round picks on the TE position.

The Giants select S Kenny Phillips from Miami (THE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to close the first round of the 2008 NFL Entry Draft.

The Packers ended up selecting Kansas State WR Jordy Nelson with the pick they received from the Jets. I’d rather have had Nelson than Keller (not to mention keeping the 4th round pick).

Jets and tight ends… I don’t get it. See why I said that if they drafted a building operations manager I wouldn’t be surprised?

BTW, Todd McShay was wrong with his bold prediction of four QBs going in the first round. Brohm and Henne are still on the board. Barring trades, they will probably not be picked until around the 13th (Bears), 14th (Lions), and 16th (Vikings) picks of the second round.


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