Posted by: coomercove | April 28, 2008

CD Review: Dove Brothers Quartet – Life

Dove Brothers Quartet – Life

  1. After The Storm **** – Taken from my preview, “Medium tempo. I like the change to unison on a couple lines in the middle of the chorus.” There isn’t anything fancy on this song, but it is very solid.
  2. Give It To The Lord **** – This features bass David Hester and sounds like it could be a concert favorite.
  3. I Want To Live For You **** – This is the first song to feature tenor Jerry Martin. As I said in my preview of the song, this sounds like something Jerry would have recorded during his Kingsmen days, but with a slightly more country sound. This is a very pretty song and I love Jerry’s voice. I can’t put my finger on it, but some of the lines seem very similar to the Anchormen’s hit, “Giver Of Life”.
  4. You Don’t Know God’s Love ** – McCray is featured on this song with a very country sound. Much like a song on the Kingsmen’s new project (“More Than Pray”), it is too country for my taste. This song was written by Ronnie Milsap, but was been re-written to contain a Christian message.
  5. A Day In The Life Of America ***** – This cover of a Monument Quartet Ronnie Milsap (Thanks to commenter, me for the correction!) song is the album’s highlight for me. I love the arrangement and delivery of McCray’s opening verse. This song is very, very true and paints a picture of how a lot of us live our lives.
  6. Face To Face With Grace *** – When I heard the preview of this song on the Dove Brothers’ website, I wondered who the featured vocalist was. Turns out that it is David showing his range. It is interesting, but doesn’t blow me away.
  7. I Still Got A Feeling **** – Medium to up tempo song that, to me anyway, encompasses the sound that the group has developed on their last several projects. I like the steel guitar in the track, an instrument I love as long as it isn’t overdone.
  8. You Would Think He Would Learn **** – I think this song is very interesting (The devil can’t win; why doesn’t he learn?) and features lead singer McCray Dove.
  9. You Can’t Fix It **** – This cover of an Oak Ridge Boys’ song features baritone Eric Dove. I haven’t heard the original version, but I really like this one. Eric’s features are often some of my favorites on a Dove Brothers’ project.
  10. Smooth Sailing *** – Obviously, the arrangement of this song borrows from the title. It is a smooth song featuring McCray’s vocal. Not bad, but kind of boring.

There isn’t anything found on Life that really makes me say, “Wow,” but I like the project and find some tracks very interesting. I do think McCray is featured too much, and hope future projects will feature Eric and Jerry more. The star count adds up to 37 for a 3.7 star average (I love averaging projects with ten tracks!). That sounds about right. I give the project has a whole four stars.


  1. “A Day in the Life of America” is a Ronnie Milsap cover not a Monument cover. Monument covered the same Milsap tune and covered his arrangement of the song.

  2. Interesting review. It’s always fascinating how different songs strike different people–“Face to Face with Grace” is the main reason I’d buy the CD if I come across it at a good price.

  3. Daniel, going by the preview of the project, I thought “Face To Face” would be one of my favorite tracks. When I listen to the full project, it just doesn’t hold my attention. It grabs me that the featured voice is the bass, but after the first verse and chorus, I’m ready for something else.

    And it is always interesting how people can like a lot of the same things, but can have very different opinions on other things.

  4. The Stamps Quartet recorded a “Smooth Sailin” on the 1990 “Victory Road” project. That was written by Jerry Tramell.
    I’ve heard the Oak’s version of “You Can’t Fix It” on radio sometime late last year. It’s certainly a good song, I haven’t heard the Dove Brothers cut, but with Eric having the lead, it should be better than the original.

  5. Guys I appreciate all you comments, but for some one like me I havent heard a full dove Brothers cd, I am just thrilled to get this cd, bytheway I really enjoyed listening I STILL GOT A FEELING

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