Posted by: coomercove | May 1, 2008

Christian song on American Idol

My wife Lisa is a huge fan of American Idol. It is the only television show that she HAS to watch. I’m not that much into it, but I watch with her (’cause I’m a good husband). This week was Neil Diamond themed and all the contestants performed two of his songs on Tuesday night. On Wednesday night’s show, Neil himself performed.

What grabbed my attention was his song’s title, “Pretty Amazing Grace”. That was enough to make me listen to the song. The first part of the song mentioned a lot of the things you’d expect in a CCM song, faith, hope, love, grace, redemption. I’m not familiar with Neil Diamond, and to be honest, I was still uncomfortable, waiting on it to be twisted into a love song, because no mention (that I had caught) had been made who the song was in reference to, just the generic “you”. Then, the second verse started with a line something along the lines of, “I went into Your chapel.” The song was referring to God’s “Pretty Amazing Grace”.

That was cool. How many people watch American Idol? How ever many it is, all those people got to hear a song about our God’s amazing grace. Sure, it wasn’t southern gospel, but I’ll take what I can get.

Have any other Christian songs been performed on American Idol?

(Of course, the week that a Christian is on American Idol is the same week that Brooke White, the good girl that Simon promised to corrupt early during the season, is sent home.)

(And another thing, is Paula really on drugs or is she just a better actress than she is given credit for?)



  1. Personally, I’d like to see “I Can Only Imagine” make it on Idol. It was big enough on the secular stations!

  2. “Shout to the lord” was performed by the entire group earlier this year.

    Mandisa performed a traditional gospel song during the season she was on which Simon called “Indulgent”

  3. Melinda Doolittle performed with BeBe and CeCe Winans on an AI show. Also, the first season of the show featured a guy named RJ Helton, who was very vocal about his desire to go into Contemporary Christian music. Not sure if he ever performed a CCM song on the show, but he did go on to release at least one, maybe two CCM CDs after the show.

  4. There has been an explosion (by comparison, anyway) of spiritually-themed songs this season on Idol. If you saw the week when Dolly Parton was the mentor, Jason Castro sang “Travellin’ Through’ & David Archuleta sang “Smoky Mountain Memories” – both songs talk of the Lord, Jesus, the Father, & so on. Simon said at one point that it was a “strange” night & he didn’t get it. Indeed.
    The next night, Dolly sang “Jesus & Gravity,” plus the winner of the American Idol-type band competition sang “This Little Light of Mine/Jesus on the Mainline.”
    With Neil Diamond last night (which I loved!), plus “Shout to the Lord,” that’s more Christian messages than in the whole series combined. The door is open more than a crack!
    Incidently, Jason Castro is a Christian & David Archuleta is a Mormon. So, the faith-based contingent is still alive!

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