Posted by: coomercove | May 7, 2008

You Tube videos – Brotherhood Quartet

I’ve posted several videos to my you tube page from the Brotherhood Quartet’s singing this past Sunday night. They are a local group my dad sings with and they have a six piece band. Their piano player is Joe Lane, a former member of the Dixie Melody Boys, Singing Americans, and the Anchormen.

In the past, they have done original songs for the most part, but over the last several months, they’ve worked in several southern gospel standards into their song list.


  1. So, which one is your dad?

  2. My dad’s the tenor, singing the verses on this song. He actually complains because with this group, he has the lead or part of the lead of almost every song they sing. He says it sings him to death. About the only way he can catch a break is for the band to play an instrumental or for the drummer, the Brotherhood’s original tenor back in the 70s, to sing tenor on one song.

    • do you have a schedule for the brotherhood or do they have a web ite? thanks so much!


  4. brandon…. i understand you used to sing with the Crystal River Boys… i am desperately looking to find a copy of the song “The Spirit descended down”…. i was stationed in Tampa, Fl. in the middle 80s and loved that song…. do you have, or could you tell me where i could purchase the tape or album???? i am now a partially disabled veteran and am trying to recupe some old gospel music memories…. the song used to play on WPLA in Plant City, Fl. thanx in advance…. bill

  5. Are they still singing?

    • The Brotherhood Quartet is still singing, but not very often. Several members are tied up with other ministries. The drummer is a pastor. Two other members of the band play in their church every Sunday. The lead singer is involved in the music program at his church. The tenor singer is a member of another quartet ( – Yes, that’s a plug! I am their sound tech. LOL). It is hard to coordinate schedules around all of that. They will probably only do ten concerts this year. They do plan on being much more active next year.

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