Posted by: coomercove | May 9, 2008

Greater Vision / Daywind: Class Acts

After I posted a few minutes ago, I headed to Greater Vision’s website to make a shopping list for tomorrow night. I wasn’t expecting the first item in the group’s online store. I definitely wasn’t expecting part of the item’s description.

Greater Vison\'s Jason Waldroup CD cover

The above project includes 13 songs from Greater Vision that feature Jason. Below is the full item description from Greater Vision’s online store.

13 Great Years, 13 Unforgettable songs features the best of Jason Waldroup. A large portion of the proceeds from this CD will be used exclusively for Jason’s education expenses.

Songs Include:
Victory In Jesus
The Lily Of The Valley
God’s Grace Is Sufficient For Me
He Left It All
Just Ask
I Will Glorify The Lord
With All The Many Miracles
The Other Miracles
He’s Still Waiting By The Well
You Can
Samaritan’s Heart
My Favorite Place
God Wants To Hear You Sing

To me, that is a very classy thing for Greater Vision and Daywind to do for a departing group member. It sure beats acting like they’ve never heard of the guy before, which is how some member changes are handled.

Of course, I am talking about Greater Vision. This act is something you expect from groups like them.



  1. Pure class. But, what else would you expect?

  2. I hope they do this type of thing with each member showcasing their good singing…I would buy a solo cd from any of these members.

  3. Gerald is working on a solo project. Someone posted a picture of the cover on the Singing News Forum a while back. I believe the title is “Until Then” or “Until Now” or something. I think I read on the forums somewhere that the project was delayed for some reason. I’m speculating, but it might have delayed it because of fears that having a solo release from Gerald would take away sales from the project featuring Jason.

  4. This is really a classy way to help with the costs of Jason’s education when he leaves Greater Vision in August. I can’t wait to get my copy – even though I have most of the songs on individual CD’s, this is a good way to have them in one spot as well as to help support Jason.

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