Posted by: coomercove | May 13, 2008

Concert Review

We attended the Mull’s Singing Convention Saturday night at New Hope Church. I saw some empty seats, but the building looked to be close to full. We sat on the far left hand side of the building which made getting videos next to impossible. It wasn’t the best concert I’ve been to, but I enjoyed it and hope to go back for the August 22 concert with Gold City. It was implied that this exact same concert lineup would be invited back next year.

Crist Familiy – They were alright. I think my wife enjoyed them more than I did. One woman (the sister I believe) was the featured vocalist on almost every song. The seven voices was enough to make it sound like a choir, and well, I don’t like choir music. I think it was the speakers not handling the bass singer very well, but it was difficult to understand the vocals.

Mark Trammell Trio – They were their usual super solid self. Steve Hurst wasn’t there, so Dustin played piano on a couple of songs. Their set list seemed to be the same as the last few times I’ve seen them. It would be nice if they changed it up a little. I think they are better suited for churches than concerts. One of the night’s highlights was Mark singing “Love Lifted Me” in the second half.

Brian Free & Assurance – Still no band… I was much more impressed with them after this concert than I was when I heard them at Dollywood last October. Brian did a much better job emceeing. He kept the intros short and when he did speak to introduce songs, it wasn’t too long and what he said was very good. Again, their set list was very similar to what they did at Dollywood. They also had the same problem as the Crist Family in that their vocals were slightly difficult to understand, especially when Jeremy was featured.

Greater Vision – They were the best of the night, even though Jason wasn’t as good as I’ve heard him before. As you may have read on the Singing News forum, Lady Mull asked Gerald to sing a Dottie Rambo song that they don’t usually stage. Gerald said he told her that they didn’t do that song, but she said, “I’ve got your check.” Gerald did the song – “I Just Come To Talk To You Lord”. With what would happen a few hours later, that becomes a special moment. In the second half, they closed the concert with “Champion Of Love”. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t do “O Holy Night”. I bought their special, the last three CDs and newest DVD, for $40. Hymns Of The Ages has been picked up by Daywind and is now on it’s third cover, this time an interior shot of an old cathedral.

As of now, this was the final scheduled East TN singing for Jason, but Gerald said that they were trying to set something up so that Jason’s final date with them would be Morristown, TN.


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