Posted by: coomercove | May 15, 2008

Talley Tree-0: Official Talley Trio Fan Community

The Talley Trio has launched the Talley Tree-O website. This is not a replacement for their primary site, but more of a fan community. The group’s newsletter said,

The Talley Tree-O is a place where fans of the Talleys can become acquainted with each other, share their Talley-related photos and videos, share their testimonies about Talley Trio songs, offer their opinions on Talley Trio songs and even provide input into our newest recording.

To launch the site, the group is asking for input about what types of songs fans like to hear them perform. Fans whose comments are posted to the site receive a “FREE mp3 download of a limited-release Talley Trio song!”



  1. I love all the talley,s music but the one that i have like more is the one the Debra sings How long has it been. Debra she has help me get close to god more then any one. thank you Debra,

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