Posted by: coomercove | May 15, 2008

Updated artists’ pictures on Daywind site

Back in February, I posted about the lack of updates for certain groups on Daywind Records’ website.  I’ve been checking every so often to see if the pages were updated.  Today, I noticed that all three of the groups I mentioned have had their pictures updated.  The groups with new pictures include the Mark Trammell Trio, Triumphant Quartet, and Legacy Five.  Thanks to whoever at Daywind updated the pictures!

Now, they need to update the biographies on the site.  Legacy Five’s Daywind biography makes no mention of Tim Parton.  The biography for the Mark Trammell Trio still talks about original lead singer Joseph Smith.  Tenor Eric Phillips is now married with two children, but the bio says he is single.  The bio also says that Mark’s son Nick “will begin college in Fall 2002.”  The bio is over five years old!

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