Posted by: coomercove | May 21, 2008

Interesting new project

I was looking at Springside Marketing’s website today and noticed a new project I had not heard anything about. Ronnie Booth has released A Gospel Tribute To The King featuring some of the gospel songs performed by Elvis Presley.

Elvis tribute by Ronnie Booth

The following songs are on the project:

Joshua Fit The Battle
In The Garden
Working On A Building
He Touched Me
Peace In The Valley
Put Your Hand In The Hand
Where No One Stands Alone
Swing Down Sweet Chariot
Farther Along
Crying In The Chapel
How Great Thou Art

Several years ago, the group recorded a song that was kind of a tribute to Elvis. On their Walkin’ On The Good Side project, there’s a song (title to be determined once I get home and find the CD) that has a bit of an Elvis feel to it, including Ronnie saying, “Thank ya very much”, at the end of the song.


  1. Yeah..I saw that in our local bookstore before I saw it advertised in SN. I figure it’s a unique way to have a Ronnie Booth solo cd…worth the money I’m sure..even though it looks a little strange/different…

  2. This wasn’t recorded just so Ronnie would have a solo CD. He already has a solo project that was released, I believe, late last year.

    My one issue…. having a gospel CD with “The King” featured prominently in the title and on the cover, but it not being a reference to Jesus Christ. I don’t think I’m completely comfortable with that.

  3. Coomer,

    Ronnie would never glory in a man more than his Lord. The King being referred to on the cover is Jesus Christ and Elvis. BUt the emphasis is on Jesus.


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