Posted by: coomercove | May 23, 2008

Update on Gold City Classics 2

At the Gold City concert last night, Steve Ladd told me that their Classics 2 project may not make it out in time for NQC.  He also corrected me on a song that I thought was going to be on it.  “Love Went Deeper” will not be on project, but “Love Bigger Than Heaven” from Windows of Home will be.

That makes the unofficial track listing as:

  • Love Bigger Than Heaven
  • Holy Anointing
  • How Deep Is The Water
  • Just Like You

I’m holding off on adding “Glory Is Waiting” to the list because I was told that would be on the project a year ago, the same time “Love Went Deeper” was mentioned.  I’m afraid that the song may have also been dropped from the project.

I’m speculating, but considering that “There Rose A Lamb” is Bruce Taliaferro’s favorite song to sing, I’d say there’s a good chance that the song may make the cut as well.

I hope to have a concert review up a later today.

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