Posted by: coomercove | June 6, 2008

CD REVIEW: Gaither Vocal Band – Lovin’ Life

Gaither Vocal Band – Lovin’ Life

  1. I’m Forgiven **** – Good opening track and one of my favorite songs on the CD. The Vocal Band’s last project (not counting Together) also opened with a cover of an Imperials’ song. This song was also covered by the Booth Brothers’ on their Carry On project.
  2. Build An Ark *** – This song has been done much better before this track. I enjoyed the Cathedral’s cut and the Vocal Band’s cut from Testify a lot more than this one. I was very disappointed with this track.
  3. Jesus And John Wayne *** – Although this song fits Guy Penrod like a glove, this isn’t the type of song I really enjoy. Not bad, just not for me.
  4. Go Ask **** – Bill Gaither steps up for his feature. The verses are delivered in a manner that is almost more recitation than singing.
  5. Home Of Your Dreams **** – Marshall Hall is featured on this very enjoyable ballad. The more I hear of Marshall, the more I like him. The music track features beautiful strings and the last 82 seconds of the track are instrumental, except for three repeats of “It’s the home of your dreams” during that time.
  6. Search Me Lord *** – You know, since the Gaithers are such great song writers, why don’t write some more songs instead of covering other writers’ songs again and again? This isn’t bad, I just don’t care a lot for it.
  7. Lonely Mile *** – This is an old song recorded by Jake Hess & the Imperials on their Talent Times Five album. It was written by their piano player Henry Slaughter. The liner notes give thanks to Slaughter for this arrangement.
  8. There’s Always A Place At The Table **** – This song gives another spin on the story of the prodigal son and was written by Bill and Gloria along with Larry Gatlin.
  9. The Diff’rence Is In Me **** – This is a fun track, and one of the few songs that seem to fit the project’s title. It starts out with light accompaniment from a guitar and what sounds like finger snaps. This is one of my favorite songs on the project.
  10. I’m Loving Life *** – This is the type of song that I think exemplifies the Gaither Vocal Band’s sound. It has a driving, country sound well-suited for Guy Penrod’s powerful voice. This song reminds me of the group’s God Is Good project.  As the title song for this project, it doesn’t work well.
  11. When I Cry ***** – By far, this is the very best song on the project and was a no-brainer to be chosen as the first single. Marshall provides a great vocal on this beautiful ballad.
  12. Prisoner Of Hope **** – Good medium tempo song with Guy being featured again. It is good, but it just doesn’t grab me.
  13. Then He Bowed His Head And Died **** – This is a big, building number that puts me in the mind of “The King Is Coming” and “It Is Finished”, but falls just below those classics.

I believe this is the weakest project from the Gaither Vocal Band that I’ve ever listened to. That isn’t saying this is a bad project, it just isn’t up to the group’s usual high standard. My first question is who in the world picked the title of this project? It just doesn’t fit the song selection at all. Besides the problem with the project title, the songs are either not suited to my personal taste or have a “been there, done that” feel because I’ve heard them so many times before. My ratings average out to a 3.7 average per track and I’d give the overall project a four star rating.

Again, this isn’t a bad project, just a disappointing follow up to the excellent Give It Away.



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  2. My thoughts also, I thought this was the weakest GVB project I have heard and was very dissappointed with it. It was almost like a quickly put together table project. Most of the songs were “lackluster”.

  3. I love all the previous works of the Vocal Band and must admit that when I first heard some of the selections on “Lovin’ Life”, I thought that this was a little too different to suit that special spot in my heart for the musical gift of these wonderful men of our God. I bought it a week ago and have almost warn it out already, however!!! It has definitely grown on me!! It is THE BEST way to start the day on my walk with the Lord and this energetic music of the Vocal Band. I also enjoy the inclusion of more serious sounds as, “When I Cry”. This is a beautiful reminder of God’s love!!! It proves to me that there is always room for VARIETY and INNOVATION and we must not get stuck in one level of comfort. Keep up your wonderful ministy, Bill and the all of the groups. You have inspired a refreshed Love of the Life with which our Lord has blessed me!!!

  4. […] Gaither Vocal Band won the Grammy Award for Southern/Country/Bluegrass Gospel Album of the year for Lovin’ Life. […]

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