Posted by: coomercove | June 10, 2008

Lordsong vs. Sisters

Doug Harrison’s review of Lordsong‘s latest release caused me to look into when they would be in my area again.  I checked the schedule on their website and saw that they will be about 20 miles from my house next week.  The only problem is that it is a private event, so I can’t go.  Another thing caught my attention while I was looking at their schedule.  The only dates listed are two multi-day private events, one in June and another in July.

Then, I found this website.  Hey!  That looks like the three women from Lordsong!  I checked the schedule on that site and saw a total of five dates over the next three months (including one about 10 miles from my house).

So, what’s up with this group?  Is The Sisters replacing Lordsong?  Is Michael Lord going to stop traveling?  Is he only on stage when they appear with Mark Lowry?  Do they only post non-Lowry events on their website?  What’s going on?

BTW, if anyone has a copy of Lordsong’s original Classics CD with Amber Balltzglier on it, please sale it to me.  Amber is one of my wife’s favorite singers and that CD would be a great anniversary gift (two years this month!).


  1. I have it…love it…couldn’t part with it for $$$. Sorry!

    I wonder if the “shelved” copies are still in LordSong’s store and if they would like to move a copy? Might not hurt to ask.

    Be sure…the album is worth all your efforts. Good luck, and happy anniversary to you both! 😀

  2. LordSong Classics Cd. Trust me, it’s much better with Amber Balltzglier than with the sisters. Much tighter blend with just 3 voices. They only sold it for a few weeks before Amber left the group and It was only sold at the Mark Lowry concerts. They removed Ambers voice, added the sisters, and repackaged it.

  3. What is the web site that you found that schedule on?

  4. the websites discussed in this post are and

  5. As I understand it, Lordsong is not disbanding, the sisters are just doing some dates by themselves

  6. If you ever get it, let me know. I’ve tried to get the new version, but the online store seems to be down, and I can’t get a response when I e-mail them…

  7. Now Terry wouldn’t be saying that because he’s Ambers dad, now would he? Amber has an awesome voice, but so do Valerie and Heather 😉

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