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CD Review: Harbingers Quartet – The Cause Of The Cross

Harbingers QuartetThe Cause Of The Cross (2003)

Rating: 4.5 stars

Label: Journey Records

Producers: Zane King & Kevin Ward


  1. Get On Board ***** — From the kick off of this opening track, you can tell the instrumentation on this project is going to be out of this world. Fortunately, the vocals match the excellence of the music. Great song to open the project.
  2. The Cause Of The Cross **** — The title song is a ballad that opens with a big orchestrated sound, but quickly drops to a more understated sound while the bass singer delivers the first verse. The lead (or maybe the baritone) singer takes the second verse and the song builds back up to a big finish.
  3. From Here To Heaven **** — This medium tempo number is a really good song from Marty Funderburk (co-written with Depp Britt).
  4. Every Time He Drove A Nail ***** — This is the first of two songs co-written by producer Zane King and Charles Isbell. I’ve heard other songs that play off the same thought of this song, “He thought of Calvary every time He drove a nail,” but this is probably my favorite all such songs. I have to point out a line that tears me up every time I hear it. In the chorus, a line says, “Still He worked at His Father’s side while the years lay unveiled.” The line is re-worded in the tag as, “Now He’s gone to His Father’s side, where His glory is unveiled!”
  5. My God Is Bigger Than That ***** — This up-tempo Kyla Rowland song is given a slight country treatment. The track ends with an instrumental section that makes you think that there would be an encore, but the music eventually fades out. I think a false sending would have been good on this track.
  6. His Roses Never Fade *** — This song features the group’s tenor and is the second song written by King/Isbell. This track also features a country sound, maybe even a very small touch of bluegrass. I think I can hear a dobro in the verses. To me, this is the weakest song on the project, but that has a lot to do with my dislike of the bluegrass tinge.
  7. My God Is Good **** — The first verse features a blues feel and it really fits as it tells about a testimony meeting with several people listing their complaints. The second verse tells what happens after one person stands up and points out how good God is.
  8. Mercy Seat *** — This song, like the title song, features the bass singer on the opening verse and the lead on the second verse. This isn’t a bad song, but not as good as some of the other songs. I must have watched too much American Idol, because I keep hearing Simon in my head saying, “Not great, not bad, just forgettable.”
  9. Praising The Lord **** — This is a fun little song that utilizes the false ending that I thought belonged on “My God Is Bigger Than That”.
  10. ‘Til The Storm Passes By *** — The bass singer closes out the project with this Mosie Lister classic. I have a hard time listening to anyone sing this song unless their name is Gerald Wolfe. One thing has bugged me about this track for years. Near the end of the song, you can hear the bass singer breathe/sniff before saying a line. Something like that really should have been taken out in the mixing.

I love this project. The opening five songs comprise one the strongest first halves of a CD I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, the second half of the CD takes a step back. Still, this is one of my all-time favorites. Sadly, I’ve never been able to learn much about this group besides that former Old Time Gospel Hour bass singer Jerry Pilgrim may have been the bass singer on this project. I don’t know if the group is still active or anything. Their website is still up, but there’s not a lot of information on it. It actually still lists this 2003 project as their newest release. If this is their last project, they picked a great way to go out. I gave it a total of 40 stars for a 4.0 average. I really want to give this a five star rating because I love it so much, but I just can’t do that big a jump. This is a very strong 4.5 star project.


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