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CD Review: Gold City – Moment Of Truth

Gold City – Moment of Truth

Gold City - Moment of Truth

NOTE: My copy of this project doesn’t include liner notes, so I don’t have any production or song writing credits. I will hold off on giving a concrete overall rating until I get a copy of the final released CD.

  1. Don’t Get Me Started **** – No time is wasted before new lead singer Bruce Taliaferro is showcased on the first verse of the opening track. Danny Riley carries the leads through the choruses and Steve Ladd sings the second verse. The solo lines from Danny and Steve have a bit of “attitude” in them. Did Michael English have a hand in producing this project? Musically, this track shows that the group’s sound is still pushing forward.
  2. What Children Believe ***** – This is a cover of a 2000 Shenandoah song written by Brent Lamb. While not exactly a gospel song, the message conveyed in this song is very true. Danny, as always, delivers a great vocal.
  3. I Cast My Bread Upon The Water ***** – This song is not what I was expecting. This isn’t the Imperials song, but a Joel and Labreeska Hemphill song recorded by the Greenes in 2001. I haven’t listened to the Oak Ridge Boys a lot in my life, but this sounds like it has an Oak Ridge Boys-feel to it, especially Aaron McCune’s bass vocal. I can close my eyes and see Richard Sterban’s stage mannerisms while listening. All four vocalists have a chance to shine on this song.
  4. For The Sake Of My Heart **** – Steve is featured on the first half of this ballad (his specialty), but I think the real highlight of this track is Bruce’s lead vocal on the second half of the song. This cements it that Gold City is in good shape with Bruce in the lead slot.
  5. Walkin’ And Talkin’ With My Lord **** – I believe this is an old song that I’ve heard JD Sumner sing. Much like Aaron’s feature from Revival (“Teach Me Lord To Wait”), this isn’t a bad song, it just seems very out of place on this disc. It lacks the energy you find on the other songs, but gives Aaron a chance to sing and show his range. Like the previous song, the best part of this song is Bruce’s vocal, especially towards the end.
  6. I Love This Land **** – This patriotic song is Bruce’s first full feature song. The chorus borrows heavily from other patriotic material. Steve gets to scream a little on this song and his son Haven recites the Pledge of Allegiance. This song features solid vocals, but I’m not a huge fan of patriotic songs.
  7. I’ll Walk On ***** – Danny sings the verses of this medium tempo song, while Steve takes the lead on the choruses and does an excellent job on the bridge. This isn’t a great, big song with a powerhouse ending, but I really love it. The tag is so very simple, but I think it is going to become very important to me – “Use me for Your glory, use me for Your glory, use me for Your glory; I’ll walk on, I’ll walk on”. This is my favorite track on the CD.
  8. When Jesus Saves **** – Steve Ladd is featured on this edgy up-tempo number written by Sue Smith and Barry Weeks. This is a different sound for Gold City. The attitude Steve demonstrated on the opening track and the scream on track six was simply a warm up for this one. Part of the hymn, “Jesus Saves,” is worked into the middle of the song. According to this post on the Singing News forum, this song is being received very warmly by young people.
  9. By Your Grace, For Your Glory **** – Danny is again featured on this medium tempo song. Very good vocal performance all around, but nothing that really jumps out at you.
  10. Turn Your Back **** – Aaron is featured on this Cathedral song from 1982’s Something Special project (also covered recently by Triumphant Quartet). This is very similar to the original cut and I wish they’d changed it up a bit more, maybe given it more energy on the last chorus. This is very good and enjoyable cut of the song, but doesn’t top the Cathedral’s original version.

Let’s get the big question out of the way. Vocally, all doubts about Bruce Taliaferro should be answered by this project. He does a great job both on his solos and in the harmony. Having his first big feature be a patriotic song is a great way to help get him comfortable on stage. He should receive a ton of applause after “I Love This Land” every night.

Moment of Truth continues to move Gold City in a forward direction musically. Maybe I simply got used to it, but the modern country sound found on Revival seems to have slightly given way to just a modern sound. The country sound can still be heard on most tracks, but also mixed in is the progressive sound of “When Jesus Saves”.  UPDATE: I’ve listened to the project several more times… the country sound is still very prevalent and has not given way as much as I first thought. That isn’t a bad thing, but I did want to mention it.

This is a great project. There isn’t a track on it that I foresee myself routinely skipping over. I rated every song as at least four stars (although, if I gave 1/2 stars, a couple could have been rated three and a half). I gave it a total of 43 stars for a 4.3 star average. With that high an average per track, a good CD insert (lyrics, full credits, good design) would normally make this a five star project. However, I think this CD is missing one thing – a huge hit single. I don’t know what song(s) will be sent to radio, but I don’t hear a “Midnight Cry”, “God Handled It All”, or “Preach The Word”. The closest thing may be “I Cast My Bread Upon The Water”. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound had a lot of success releasing a cover of a Greenes’ song (“Do You Want To Be Forgiven?”) to radio. Maybe Gold City could as well.

This may change when I get a retail release of the CD, but as of now, this is a strong 4.5 star project.


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  2. So have you any idea as to what will be the debut single? If “I Cast My Bread upon the Water” is as good as you say, then they should release it..they need something upbeat at radio.

  3. I don’t have a clue as to what will be sent to radio. As good as I think this CD is, none of the songs scream out “hit single” to me. I do think “I Cast My Bread Upon The Water” would be the best choice. It is upbeat and gives all four vocalist the spotlight for at least a few lines.

  4. I personally think “For The Sake Of My Heart” should be released…that song is just incredible!! No it’s not the next “Midnight Cry” or “Preach the Word” but it is still an amazing song that I think would do really well on radio!

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  6. Cast My Bread is a good song. I just do not know why it has to be a upbeat song. I think a powerful life changing song slow are fast would be great.

  7. Since Tim Riley was one of my favorites of all time and I have followed Gold City for so many years, after hearing Cast My Bread with Aaron on bass I am satisfied that Gold City will eventually return to greatness.

    I just order the cd based on hearing Cast My Bread last night on the radio. I think it will definately be a hit. I cannot wait to get the cd after reading your review.

    I do hear a hint of country sound, but nothing is wrong with that and it could be great to cross over ocassionally and win souls or touch a wider group of hearts for the Lord.

    I will definately go hear them soon in concert

    mikeg (Azure –acappella group) Sumiton-Alabama

  8. I just got around to getting this last night and I thought it was outstanding. This might turn out to be my favorite Gold City lineup.

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