Posted by: coomercove | June 20, 2008

Gold City Homecoming update

First off, my apologies for not posting the last two days. I could blame it on it being “slow news days,” but I just really didn’t have anything to say. Sorry!

Anyway, next week is Gold City’s Homecoming in Gadsden, AL. The big event is the opening night (Thursday) concert that features a reunion of Jay Parrack, Jonathan Wilburn, Mark Trammell, and Tim Riley. Other groups scheduled with Gold City during the event is the Mark Trammell Trio, the Booth Brothers, the Old Paths, Aaron Wilburn, the Kingsmen, and the Diplomats.

When Jonathan Wilburn left the group in February, one of the questions I raised was the status of the Doug Riley Memorial Golf Scramble that was scheduled during the group’s homecoming. It has taken this long, but I finally have the answer. Kyle Strickland (Gold City’s sound man) sent out a e-newsletter announcing that the golf event (and the talent search) on Saturday had been canceled. No explanation was given. This is disappointing in that it was for a good cause (paying for Doug’s boys’ college education) and was a great way to remember Doug during the homecoming. Hopefully, it will come back next year.

On a personal note (still concerning Gold City’s homecoming), Lisa and I were planning on taking vacation and attending the entire weekend. When she changed jobs, she lost her vacation, so we planned on going to the first two nights. Now, we have good news and bad news. Good news is Lisa received a promotion this week that starts Monday. Bad news, she can’t take Saturday off. That knocks us down to only going Thursday night, and we aren’t completely sure she’ll even be able to get off work for that. We’re praying (really hard) that we’ll at least get to see the reunion concert.


  1. Any word about Channing Eleton and Adam Borden being on stage at the reunion?

  2. I’ve wondered about that myself ever since I heard about the reunion. I have not heard anything about either of those two appearing. It would make for a great surprise, but make Doug’s absence even more… noticeable.

  3. the reason the golf thing was canceled was because of low participation and the same thing for the talent contest which i entered in…

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