Posted by: coomercove | June 29, 2008

Quick comments on Gold City’s homecoming

Sorry about last week.  It was very busy at work and at home, so I didn’t find time to post. 

We are back from Gadsden and had a great time at Gold City’s homecoming.  Below are short comments about each group we saw.

  • Gold City – IMO, still the best
  • Gold City Reunion – Not as smooth or polished as during their time together, but this was more about fun.
  • Mark Trammell Trio – Very good, but well past time to change the program.
  • The Old Paths Quartet – They are now one of my favorite groups.
  • Booth Brothers – Excellent as always.


I have most of the two concerts we attended on video that I’m working on getting on the computer.  This time I used actual camcorders to video, but I didn’t really know exactly how to work them.  The exposure settings could have been better.  One of the camcorders I used was a straight to DVD-R model.  I need a way to get the video on the computer to add to You Tube.  Does anyone know of a good, free DVD ripper?

I have one video ready.  This is Michael Booth’s introduction of Gold City on Friday night.  He said it would end up on You Tube, so I thought I’d take him up on it.



  1. I thought for what it was, the Gold City reunion group was very good. You could tell that Jay missed being on stage with Jonathan. Tim is still probably the best bass singer around…but Aaron is really coming into his own as well.

    I have two videos up from that night – my youtube channel is BamaMTA04

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