Posted by: coomercove | June 30, 2008

Concert Review: Gold City Homecoming Night 1

The Mark Trammell Trio opened the concert Thursday. They sounded as good as always. In fact, they sounded just like they always do – right down to the same songs. The last half dozen times I’ve seen them, they have done the same program. Mark said they would have a new project coming out at their homecoming next month in Anniston, AL. I guess they’ll change the program then.

  • I Love To Tell The Story (acapella)
  • Won’t It Be Wonderful There (hymn)
  • I Still Believe
  • Weary At The Well
  • Moving The Hand Of God
  • Hallelujah I’m Going Home
  • Glory Road
  • Won’t It Be Wonderful There (new)
  • Once Upon A Cross

The current Gold City was next and came out with what I was told would be the first single off Moment Of Truth, “I Cast My Bread Upon The Water.” I was happy to hear my favorite song off the new CD, “I’ll Walk On,” performed. Aaron did his comedy song. The highlight of that bit was while Aaron was telling what the song was about, Danny interrupted and asked if it was a gospel song. Aaron said no and continued on like nothing was said. “When Jesus Saves” seemed to get a big push from the stage and was very well received.

  • I Cast My Bread Upon The Water
  • Turn Your Back
  • I’ll Walk On
  • That’s What I’m Talking About
  • Side By Side – Aaron’s comedy song
  • What Children Believe
  • Ain’t That What It’s All About
  • For The Sake Of My Heart
  • When Jesus Saves

After intermission, Jay, Jonathan, Mark, and Tim took the stage to a standing ovation as they did “Get Up, Get Ready.” Honestly, they weren’t as “together” as they were back in their time as Gold City, but I don’t really think anyone should have expected that. You could tell the guys, especially Jonathan and Jay, were having a blast. Funniest part was when Mark was using his cell phone while singing. I don’t know if he was texting or was getting the words from his phone, but he was definitely using it for something. Tim came over and was looking over his shoulder at the phone.

  • Get Up, Get Ready (encore)
  • Calvary’s Hill
  • He Said
  • I’m Not Giving Up (encore)
  • Hide Me Behind The Cross
  • When He Calls Me, I’ll Fly Away (encore)
  • Under Control

I enjoyed the Thursday night concert, but not as much as I thought I would. It was really hot outside, the reunion was too short, and I was disappointed by the staleness of the Mark Trammell Trio’s set. The MTT were not bad, just kind of boring. Gold City was great and I loved hearing their new songs live. It was very nice to get to see Jay, Jonathan, Mark, and Tim together again.


  1. Talk about dissapointing, the reunion group singing less than the current lineup. If it was up to me doing the planning, the “old” group would have had the whole night. That is, unless the program was split halfway with them and the Free-Parker-LeFevre or Free-Parker-Lacey lineup.
    Partially related, when will a Gold City reunion concert,with everybody, be recorded on video? That would sell off their table as quickly as they copies were made. In my opoionion, it’s way past time for that to be done.

  2. Part of the problem with the “mesh” of the reunion group was the major sound issues they were having when they came on stage. One (or both) of the subs just quit.

    And don’t flame me for this – but you could also tell Jay had been off stage for a while – He is still great but his range was off a little bit.

  3. RE: Jay

    I won’t flame you. I agree with you. I noticed the same thing. Of course, that should be expected. I don’t think leading a choir would give many chances to scream like the ending to “When He Calls, I’ll Fly Away.”

  4. i was there and sat beside you a couple of nites and i thought this nite was awesome! i loved every nite as gold citys biggest fan! it was amazing

    mtt are freinds of my family and i love them to death! i thought they were great! but they could have sang longer and they usually arent that boring…

    Preach The Word…cause Jesus Saves!!!*

  5. Jay parrack and Jonathan Wilburn are going to be in Ringgold Ga together at Tiger Creek Elementary School on Dec 5th @ 7pm. mor info at or 423-779-2456

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