Posted by: coomercove | July 1, 2008

Concert Review: Gold City Homecoming Night 2

Friday night started with a pre-concert by a quartet of young men from Indiana called the Overtones. I don’t have a track list for them, but they did mostly familiar songs with their own spin on them. Their dance steps were heavily influenced by Signature Sound. I entertained myself by matching the members up with a counterpart from Signature Sound. The lead singer was so over the top that he had to be the group’s Ernie. The baritone singer was really into the dancing, so I think he played Doug’s role. The bass singer did the dancing, but didn’t seem like he really enjoyed it, so he reminded me of Tim. The tenor tried the dances, but really wasn’t that good at it. He reminded me of Ryan.

Seriously, the group wasn’t that bad; they were pretty good actually. You could tell some of them were very nervous.

By the way, this was a very good use of a smaller name group in a pre-concert. It could have been a little shorter, but I wasn’t sitting there wishing they would stop. They didn’t cover the other group’s songs. It was a welcome distraction from the heat. My hat’s off to Danny Riley for inviting the group to Gadsden and putting them to great use.

The Old Paths Quartet was the most pleasant surprise of the event. I expected them to be good, but never dared dream they would be this good. I cannot get over how great their song selection was. Jeremy Peace never sounded as good with the Kingsmen. Lead singer Tim Rackley has a voice a little reminiscent of Bryan Hudson. Doug Roark is a very good emcee and more than capable of handling the baritone spot. It would have been nice if he had been featured more. Brandon Barry is a great young bass singer and I really enjoyed the song he wrote, “He’ll See You Through.” If this lineup holds together, these guys should have a huge future ahead of them.

  • Won’t It Be Wonderful There (acapella)
  • We’ll Sing A Song
  • Little Is Much
  • Oh Bless His Name
  • Goodbye, World, Goodbye (instrumental)
  • Introductions
  • Somebody Touched The Lord
  • He Chose The Tree
  • He’ll See You Through
  • Living In Canaan

Aaron Wilburn took the stage for just a few moments before bringing out the Booth Brothers. I probably use “excellent” to describe the Booth Brothers too often, but I think that is the best word for them. They have never disappointed me. The weather served as a distraction during their set. You could see lightning in the distance and several people left while they were singing. I think they were trying to hurry through their set because they kept the talking to a minimum, almost non-existent. Unfortunately, the lightning was bad enough that Danny Riley came to the stage to announce a weather delay.

After about a 45 minute delay/intermission, Aaron Wilburn did a short set, telling jokes and singing two songs, one about the fur coat and the other about cats in Chinese food. Then, the Booth Brothers came back and finished their set.

(Partial track list)

  • Look For Me At Jesus Feet
  • He Saw It All
  • I Would
  • Tears Are A Language
  • Hallelujah Meeting
  • I’ve Been Changed

WOW! Gold City had an awesome set, kicked off by a hilarious introduction by Michael Booth. Only Michael could have had a serious moment interrupted by a train whistle and a Willie Nelson impersonation.

Gold City’s sound is different, but I’m tempted to say they are as good right now as they’ve ever been. These four guys (and Josh) mesh so perfectly together. I’m not sure the Jay, Jonathan, Mark, and Tim lineup had this much chemistry. That’s amazing when you consider Bruce has only been with them a few months. The new songs are all great. You can really tell they spent a lot of time searching for just the right songs for this lineup. I still hold the opinion that no one song on Moment Of Truth is as strong as “Preach The Word” or “Mercy Came Running”, but as a whole, the new project is better than Revival. I’m also happy to see that older songs are still worked into their set list. I’m still waiting to hear Bruce sing “There Rose A Lamb.”

  • Don’t Get Me Started
  • After Awhile
  • In My Robe Of White (encore)
  • I’m Saved, I’m Sure, I’m Ready
  • One Scarred Hand
  • I Cast My Bread Upon The Water
  • Midnight Cry
  • When Jesus Saves (encore)
  • I’ll Walk On
  • God’s Still Good
  • Nothing But The Blood
  • Preach The Word
  • I’m Rich (encore)
  • I Love This Land (with Haven)

Friday night’s concert was excellent. We wised up and had a great plan for dealing with the heat. I probably shouldn’t give away our plan, but we entered the park when the gates opened, set up our chairs, and then walked to the Hardees next door to eat and sit in the air conditioning. We got back to the park in time to spend some time at the Old Paths Quartet’s table, talking primarily to Brandon Barry, and to hear the pre-concert group, the Overtones. Staying out of the heat that extra time I think really kept us comfortable enough to really enjoy the concert. I can’t say enough how wonderful the Old Paths were. Gold City’s set was one of the most enjoyable one’s I’ve ever heard. The Booth Brothers were great as always. Even the 30-45 minute lightning delay wasn’t enough to ruin the night. That delay just gave us the opportunity to speak with several of the artists. Friday night was one of the best concerts I have attended.



  1. Your comment about the current group is exactly right. I hadn’t heard any of the new songs until I got there Thursday, but listening to it on the way back to Huntsville I was thinking to myself – This is getting into the Pillars of Faith category, the CD is that good. I don’t think Bruce has the stage presence yet, but he sure does have a strong, smooth recording voice.

  2. Bruce’s stage presence is much better than I expected. I actually think he looks more comfortable on stage than Aaron.

    Bruce’s voice is very impressive on “Moment Of Truth” (and in person, BTW). I still can’t get over the command he asserts on the second half of “For The Sake Of My Heart.”

    The only knock on “MoT” is still, I think, the lack of a monster hit. Of course, like someone told me, if “Preach The Word” (which peaked at #12) isn’t a hit song, who needs hits?

  3. I think that “I Cast My Bread Upon The Water”, and “Jesus Saves” are going to do really well, but you’re right, there is no “There Rose a Lamb” on this CD…but that’s a once in a lifetime song. From Top to Bottom this CD is as good as they’ve ever done.

    I think Aaron is plenty comfortable on stage, what I was saying is that Bruce doesn’t jump around like Jonathan did.

  4. So are the Boothes singing the “I’ve Been Changed”Legacy 5 did, or is this another one?
    Is “Hallelujah Meeting” the Hinson song?

  5. “Hallelujah Meeting” is an update of the old Hinson song. “I’ve Been Changed” is the uptempo Mosie Lister song….

    “I’ve been changed. I’m new born now. My life has been rearranged. What a difference it made…..”

    or something along those lines.

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