Posted by: coomercove | July 2, 2008

Recent project purchases

We bought several projects while we visited Gadsden, AL. Be watching for reviews in the coming weeks (or months… I have a couple Greater Vision CDs I bought in May that I haven’t even listened to).

Here’s what we got:

  • Gold City
  • The Old Paths
    • Today
    • Journey Down The Old Path v1
    • Journey Down The Old Path v2
    • Christmas Classics
    • Joe Cox piano CD
  • Booth Brothers
    • Ronnie Booth (solo)
    • Michael Booth (solo)
  • Legacy Five
    • God’s Been Good
  • Down East Boys
    • The Cross Still Stands

Before anyone asks, L5 nor the DEB were at Gold City’s homecoming. We stopped at a Christian book store in Gadsden and picked up those projects.


  1. Long story short, Gadsden, AL is one of my family’s favorite memories.

    FYI, I popped over here from your YouTube site. My YouTube site is “Grace2Stand,” in case you want to check it out.

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