Posted by: coomercove | July 8, 2008

On the disabled list

This is my hand.

This is my hand. It hurts and doesn

I had several warts froze off last week and they formed huge blisters. My doctor busted the blisters yesterday, but my thumb and finger are, for the most part, raw and painful. I’ll be limited in my typing and posting the next few days.


  1. Uhhh…OUCH!

    Or is that the understatement of the century? 😀

  2. Well thanks for posting a picture of it wrapped up and not exposed.

  3. You’re welcome, Nate. 🙂 The dr. told me yesterday that I have the equivalent of third degree burns, but I think he may have been exaggerating. I’d say it is actually a bad 2nd degree, but what do I know?

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