Posted by: coomercove | July 12, 2008

Crossroads Music Store

Crossroads Music has been updating their online presence the last several months and this week saw the following press release:

Many new items have been added to the store this week. Classic recordings by Anthony Burger, Karen Peck, Jim Hamill, The Kingsmen, and Teddy Huffam’sLive Like No Other“. These are available for Digital Download Only. In the coming weeks we will be adding many more classic recordings to our store. Also be watching for titles from the Singing News Soundtracks Series. We will be adding over 100 titles that have been out of print. They were previously available on cassette only. These will also be available for Digital Download Only.

Now, this is what I (and other fans) have wanted to see record companies do for years. MP3 downloads are the easiest way for out of print material to get into the hands of listeners. It just makes so much sense that I don’t understand why it has taken so long for it to happen. Bravo to everyone at Crossroads for taking this step.

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