Posted by: coomercove | July 12, 2008

Impression of “LIVE Like No Other” – Teddy Huffman & The Gems

Monday, my uncle and dad were talking about Teddy Huffman during lunch, so when I saw the Crossroads press release, I immediately downloaded the Live Like No Other project by Teddy Huffman and the Gems. Outside of hearing them sing “Gone” on compilations, this is my first exposure to them.

The opening track is an introduction to Crossroads’ Tribute Series and provides some interesting information. This project is the last recorded live concert by the group and that Teddy passed away in 1991. The track list includes several familiar songs (“What A Lovely Name”, “Through It All”, “Gloryroad”, and others) with different twists (some smaller than others) than what I have heard by other artists. The project includes three I had never heard before: “All Because He Loved Me”, “He’s Coming Back Again”, and “Joy In Jesus”.

Teddy was definitely an entertaining and amusing emcee. At one point, he even says he was told to entertain the audience for about an hour. I wonder what kind of online response an artist today would receive if they said that on stage today. Another highlight of Teddy’s emceeing is the introduction of Anthony Burger and Eldridge Fox of the Kingsmen.

This isn’t a review, but I enjoyed this project. It is different than what I usually listen to, so it is a nice change of pace in my usual rotation of Gold City, Greater Vision, and the like. I probably won’t start scouring Ebay for a complete Gems collection, but if I accidentally run across a Gems LP at a yard sale or somewhere, I’d probably pick it up.


  1. Whatever happened to Teddy Huffam?

  2. I am looking for the “Cookin” album. Would love to have a CD of it. If you know of any source for a CD or downloads, I would appreciate the lead!


  3. I don’t know about a CD or downloads, but the album is for sale on ebay here.

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