Posted by: coomercove | July 31, 2008

Gaither Vocal Band reunion

As Wes Burke and others have posted, Gaither Vocal Band tenor Wes Hampton has his own blog post recapping the Gaither Vocal Band reunion taping.

For most people, I’m sure reading Wes Hampton’s recap will make them more anxious than ever for the project’s release in the fall of next year.  For me, however, my excitement has taken a large step down.  I like the Gaither Vocal Band, but I’m only “crazy” over one lineup.  That lineup is the one that includes Terry Franklin, Michael English, Mark Lowry, and Bill Gaither.  Wes’ recap reveals that Terry Franklin did not participate in the reunion. Bummer.

My excitement level for the reunion (when I thought Terry would be there) was, on a scale of ten, an eleven or so.  Without Terry, that drops down to about a five or six.



  1. Likewise…i will miss Terry’s presence…and although the stars won’t drop beneath the 7 mark for me personally…it won’t be the same without Terry! He is the most underrated tenor they had.


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