Posted by: coomercove | August 5, 2008

NFL: All Favre… All the time

OK… I’m sick of Brett Favre, his wishy-washy retirement(s), and the Green Bay Packers.

He wants to play.  The team wants him to stay retired.

He wants his release.  The team wants to trade him outside the division.

Well, I’m glad to finally see a team stand up to one of these millionaire brats (never thought I’d say that about Favre, though).  Outside of the PR mess, which the Packers aren’t going to win anyway, the Packers hold the cards.  Favre is under contract to them.  They control where he plays, not him.  As far as I know, he does not have any kind of veto power over any trade.

If he wants to play somewhere other than Green Bay, the team should trade him.  The Bucs and Jets have shown interest reportedly.  Green Bay should trade him to one of those teams for a conditional draft pick.  If Favre shows up and has a good year, Green Bay should get a high draft pick.

If Favre refuses to report to his new team, he’d have to stay retired.  Green Bay wouldn’t receive a draft pick, but they would get what they want anyway – a retired Favre.

After all of this, Green Bay is not going to win the PR battle in this situation.  If they give in, they look bad and the media will be all over them.  If they stand their ground, the media will still be all over them.  They have already lost the PR.  They should at least stand up for themselves and what they feel is best for their organization, even if it isn’t the most popular move.

This seems so simple to me.  I guess that is why I don’t run a football team (outside of the Madden game on the X-Box 360).


  1. I think there is something in his contract about having a veto power over trades actually…but anyway, agreed – I want this Favre drama to end. I never thought I’d disagree with the man, but I wish he would have stayed retired this time. He left with integrity…now that’s shot.

  2. I am so sick of the whole situation, and ESPN has just gone crazy. They even have a “FAVRE” ticker category. You see MLB, NFL, OLY, and FAVRE. That’s just insane. Be done with it already!

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