Posted by: coomercove | August 6, 2008

Where are you now, Joesph Smith?

I was exchanging emails with Wes Burke today and one of the topics we discussed was the Mark Trammell Trio.  That got me thinking about their original lead (or second baritone singer), Joesph Smith.  Before joining Mark Trammell, Joseph was with the Booth Brothers, and before that, Perfect Heart.

So, does anyone know what Joseph and his wife are up to now?


  1. I don’t know, but I do know that JimC on the Singing News Forums knows.

    I think he was a minister of music somewhere.

  2. I believe that he’s the M-o-M at First Baptist of Oneonta, Alabama.

  3. Joseph Smith was the topic of a recent “Where Are They Now” article in Singing News. I’m thinking that it was within the last year, but I can’t remember what SN issue it was in.

  4. You are correct Quaid. It was the August 2007 issue of Singing News. At the time of the article he and his wife Shawn resided in Blountsville, Alabama where he was Minister of Music at Fowlers Spring Baptist Church. Also at the time of the article he was a Liberty National Life agent and his wife was a drug treatment counselor.

  5. Thanks for the info!

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