Posted by: coomercove | August 7, 2008

NFL: Brett Favre is the greatest of all time!

OK, I still think he’s a wishy-washy, millionaire brat, but now, he’s my team’s wishy-washy, millionaire brat.

Now I’m hoping that the Madden Curse doesn’t apply if the player changes teams before the game is released.

What am I thinking? This is the Jets….

I do not believe in the Madden Curse. I do not believe in the Madden Curse. I do not believe in the Madden Curse……

UPDATE: Here is a fake Madden 09 cover with Favre in a Jet Jersey.


  1. I like Brett Favre and respect his decision to continue playing with the hapless Jets. However, Brett Favre has no idea what he has gotten himself into. The New York media is NOTHING like the Green Bay media which treated him like a legend and icon for many years. A few bad games (and there will be many of those) the media will be in his grill and poor Brett will quickly question WHY he came out of retirement. Good luck Brett!

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