Posted by: coomercove | August 13, 2008

Crossway to remain a duet?

According to Crossway’s Shoutlife blog, the group (Matt and Paul) is not sure about adding a third vocalist and is going to remain a duet for the present time. The group is also in “talks” about recording a new duet project in the same “direction” as A Beautiful Thing.

In case you cannot read the Shoutlife blog, below is the entry from Matt.

Heyeveryone! It has been awhile now, but we just wanted to drop a line tolet everyone know what has, is, and may be going on. For myself, myfamily is doing fantastic and I could not be more grateful for that. Mylittle girl will not stop growing and in some ways I am thankful forthat…but in other ways I want her to slow down. It was just lastnight that she fell asleep on my chest watching the Olympics and I wasoverwhelmed with emotion as I held her not wanting to think about atime when she may not let me do that. I am cherishing every moment thatI have, and I would encourage everyone else to do the same. I haveposted a pic of my princess below for you all to see just why, and howit is that I am COMPLETELY wrapped around her little finger. (She knowsit too) Anyways, for Paul…I am not sure how he is doing…we don’tspeak during the week. He is pretty ruthless when it comes to hispersonal time away from the weekends:) He is very ‘Diva Like.’ I willlet him write to tell you about all the exciting things that are goingon in his life…things like computer games and Sci Fi shows.
Asmany of you may know, we have become a little more selective in ourtraveling ventures due to the familiar issues of the economy and adesire to be at home more. As everyone has been affected in some way oranother, we are all tightening down. In saying that, we have recentlyconcluded a couple of wonderful trips to Canada and several northernstates with two familiar faces. Both Marty and Scott shared theresponsibility of filling in on those dates. It was great seeing thoseguys again. Although they have moved on to other opportunities in life,they have been gracious enough to help Paul and I out on the dates thatrequired a third part. In regards to that third part, to be honest witheveryone, we are not sure at this point if we are wanting to addanother person to the mix full time. Paul is extremely difficult towork with:) Seriously though, we hope that decision does not disappointtoo many people, but unless it is required, we may try things outdifferently. Paul and I have performed many dates as a duet since thedeparture of Scott, and we have been encouraged from the great responsefrom those of you who have seen us. We know that so many of you havegrown fond of Marty, Chris and Scott over the years and they havecontributed so much to the group, but because they are no longer withus, we have decided to try things out differently, and we are prettyexcited about those possibilities. In case anyone was wondering, orcared about us releasing another album, there are ‘talks’ of us puttingout a new one in the immediate future as a duet with a fresh sound thatcontinues the direction of our last album, ‘A Beautiful Thing.’ Notsure how you all, and others may respond to that, but we would becurious to find out. Let us know, and we look forward to seeing you allsometime soon. Thanks again so much to everyone for your continuedsupport! God Bless! Matt


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