Posted by: coomercove | August 30, 2008

Band of Gold re-debuts

Just got home from the Gatlinburg Gathering where Gold City’s new Band of Gold made their debut.  More tomorrow after I sleep but the line up is (of course) Josh Simpson on piano, Kevin Allison Albertson on drums, Taylor Barnes on bass, and Doug Daniel Addison on guitars and misc.  Daniel played rhythm and electric guitars tonight but he can play other instruments (the fiddle was mentioned) as well.  Please forgive any misspelled names (and come to find out, wrong names… sorry guys!).

As mentioned before, the band is part time for the time being.

UPDATE:  Singing News’ forum poster JChaz corrected me on the guitar player’s name.  He is Daniel Addison, a former member of Jeff & Sheri Easter’s band.  Thanks, JChaz!


  1. […] Brandon Coomer saw the debut of the new Band of Gold: Josh Simpson on keyboards, Kevin Allison on drums, Taylor Barnes on bass, and Doug Addison as utility musician (i.e., everything else). Coomer’s post is here. […]

  2. Found some videos of the band that I’ve posted on my blog. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn’t do trackbacks, so this will have to do.

  3. […] If you haven’t seen these, Brandon at Coomer Cove has a writeup of the new Band of Gold here, and Aaron Swain has a collection of videos with the band here.  Check them […]

  4. Gold Citys band is aweomse!!! they have become great friends of mine!! They are great! they blew my socks off! lol :))))

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