Posted by: coomercove | September 2, 2008

Gatlinburg Gathering Concert review

As I posted a couple nights ago, I attended the Friday night concert of Abraham Productions’ Gatlinburg Gathering. The concert featured a strong, (too) packed line up of talent. Ivan Parker opened, followed by the Shaffers, the Perrys, Josh and Ashley Franks, Gold City, and the Hoppers (with a choir that took up a ton of the stage). Somewhere in there was a message by Herb Reavis. The Talley Trio wasn’t performing, but was in attendance.

The real news of the event was the debut of Gold City’s new band. From what little bit I heard, they sounded great. They were on stage little more than 20 minutes and performed five or six songs. A partial set list follows:

  • I Cast My Bread Upon the Water
  • Turn Your Back
  • In My Robe Of White
  • What Children Believe
  • I’m Rich
  • When Jesus Saves
  • maybe one other song

The Perrys also staged a very short set of five or six songs. The highlight of their set was an encore of “The Potter Knows The Clay” with no track, just Bryan Elliot on the keyboard.

  • I Know It Was The Blood
  • He Will Hide Me
  • I Wish I Could Have Been There
  • The Potter Knows the Clay
  • Holy Shore

The only other time I spent in the actual concert was during the message by Herb Reavis. The rest of the time I spent in the exhibition hall looking at product. I was disappointed that only one outside southern gospel music vendor was set up. I attended this event a couple years ago and they had several vendors selling older LPs and CDs.

I enjoyed the concert, but think they should cut the number of groups down or do something to move things along faster. The concert started at 7 PM and the first round ended, I think, a little after 11 PM. The two groups I wanted to see were on stage less than an hour combined. That left three hours for four groups and a short, enjoyable message. I don’t think the other groups had more stage time the Perrys or Gold City, but something happened to eat up all that time. I heard a couple artists talking about a second round, but I left before it started.


  1. Do you have any idea when the Gatlinburg
    Gathering is for 2009 ???
    (BTW-my maiden name is Coomer, so your
    blog caught my eye !)
    Cathy Hardwick
    National Quartet Convention

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