Posted by: coomercove | September 8, 2008

New projects

The most anticipated part of the National Quartet Convention for me is all the new projects that are released right before or during the event. Below are the projects I’m most excited about and where you can order them if you are not in Louisville, KY this week.

  • Mark Trammell Trio’s Always Have a Song – This new Daywind project is the group’s followup to their outstanding Once Upon A Cross CD. The song “Safe On The Glory Side” seems to be getting a lot of positive attention. The project is available here from Springside Marketing.
  • Greater Vision’s Not Alone – This is the first project after Jason Waldroup’s departure with new tenor Jacob Kitson. The project is available for pre-order on Greater Vision’s website. The pre-orders will ship from Greater Vision’s office next Monday.
  • Talley Trio’s Life Goes On – This project was featured on the Talley Tree-O website that asked for fans’ input. The project is available now in a digital format from Crossroads Music store.
  • Triumphant Quartet’s Look To God – This is another project full of older material. Their last project, Intermission, also featured older material and will be hard to beat. The project is available here from Springside Marketing.
  • Triumphant Quartet’s Live DVD – Triumphant also has a new live video project showcasing songs from their You Gotta Love It! CD. The DVD is available here in Triumphant’s online store.
  • The PerrysLive at Freedom Hall DVD – This is the group’s first video project since Nicole Watts-Jenkins left and the switch to a Happy Goodman sound. The project is available here in the Perrys’ online store.


  1. I didn’t get Triumphant’s, but the rest are all solid projects. Mark Trammell Trio’s newest is stellar–I told more than one friend I ran across at convention that if they picked up just one of the projects releasing this week, make it this one.

    Talley Trio’s is a strong second, also top-notch with quite a few great songs.

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