Posted by: coomercove | September 8, 2008

NQC 2008 – Night 1

I’m going to be posting through out the night while I watch the video feed of the mainstage concerts.

  • The live feed started with Roy Webb making comments about people as they found their seats and their faces on the big screen.
  • The “Best Band In the Land” turned out to be Tim Lovelace, Randy Shelnut, Scoot Shelnut, Mike Hopper, and Zane King? (steel).
  • Thus far, I’m less than impressed by the low, distorted audio and wavy video quality.
  • Gerald Wolfe led the crowd in singing a couple songs (“He Keeps Me Singing” and “Because He Lives”).
  • Brian Free And Assurance opened up the night with “Long As I Got King Jesus”, accompanied on piano by Roy Webb.
  • Legacy Five had the first full set of the week and did four songs off their God Is Good project.  How long has Glenn Dustin had glasses?
  • After some comedy with the emcees, Brian Lester and Aaron Wilburn, the Kingsmen (with Eric Ollis on piano) were up next with several songs from their latest Crossroads project, When God Ran.
  • Mark Trammell Trio (with Steve Hurst on piano) followed with four songs from their new Always Have a Song CD.  Mark had a great line about their sometimes piano player Steve Hurst.  “Sometimes he shows up, sometimes he don’t.”
  • There seems to be a theme tonight – a guest piano player and four songs off the newest CD.
  • The live feed was lost during part of the Mark Trammell Trio’s final song, “If Only Just A Few”.
  • So far, this has been my favorite set.
  • After the Primitive Quartet’s set, the Dove Brothers came on with “Have A Nice Day”.
  • BTW, it seems like they are running about one minute behind the published schedule.
  • I’m looking at a blue screen.  The video (not audio) feed has been lost (or the Dove Brothers turned into large smurfs).
  • The video feed came back in time to see the Booth Brothers join the Dove Brothers for an encore of the latter’s final song, “Shout It Out”.
  • The Booth Brothers bucked the trend.  Their set consisted of four older songs (“Tell Me The Story Of Jesus”, “I’m Going Back”, “Tears Are A Language,” and “This Love Is Mine”).
  • They showed a video of the Rebels Quartet with Jim Hamill singing “I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now”.  It is a commercial for a video the NQC is selling titled, “Thanks For The Memories”.
  • The Dixie Melody Boys’ set is made up of quartet standards, “Give The World A Smile”, “I Wanna Know”, “Roll On River”, “A Soul Such As I”, “It Will Be Worth It”, “What A Wonderful Day”, and “When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan.”  Very quick moving and enjoyable set.
  • The Dixie Echoes joined the DMB for two encores of “When I Cross” (with Michael Booth on drums).
  • The audio during the DE’s first song is very distorted.  I don’t know if it is the two old style mics or what, but this is the worst audio quality so far.
  • Gold City is up (no band) and the distorted audio continues.  They did a few cuts off Moment Of Truth (“I Cast My Bread”, “Walking And Talking”, “Don’t Get Me Started”, “What Children Believe”) and ended with “In My Robe Of White”.
  • A commercial for Compassion International aired, followed by an on-stage pitch by Claude and Connie Hopper.
  • Stepped away for a bit, but I’m back to see Reggie Saddler doing…. something.
  • Perrys did what seems to be their basic set:  “I Know It Was the Blood”, “The Potter Knows The Clay”, “I Wish I Could Have Been There”, and “Holy Shore”.


  1. Reggie Saddler was doing an expanded version of his exact set from last year. Avery (Doug) mentioned that Reggie may be backed by Charlie Burke, which would explain his spot on the mainstage. Oh, well.

  2. BTW, I’m on the internet video feed tonight too since I won’t arrive in Louisville until Thursday.

  3. […] an encore with ease. Having the Band Of Gold helps pump up the crowd at moments like these. UPDATE: Brandon Coomer, who has access to the video feed from NQC, said there was no Band Of Gold at NQC tonight. My bad! […]

  4. yea, no band of gold at nqc… i heard that they were going to be there on saturday, but they decided not to go just for a 17 min set. but there are more dates on the way…i hear.

  5. btw.. zane king was married to jessica king who had 2 records a few years ago…he’s a great musician and producer..

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