Posted by: coomercove | September 10, 2008

NQC 2008 – Night 3

  • Roy Webb was back with his crowd commentary.
  • The webcast is already noticeably better than the last two nights.
  • The “Best Band In the Land” was back to its Monday night members.
  • Greater Vision opened the night.  I didn’t catch enough of the song to know the title.
  • The Lefevre Quartet just took the stage.  The sound wasn’t ready for the group’s first line, but was quickly fixed.
  • Lefevre QT opened with a new song, “Let Me Tell You About Jesus”, followed by “Without Him”, then Mike introduced the group.  They closed their set with their current single, “Big Mighty God”.  It’s hard to tell how the crowd received them, but I like them.
  • I lost the audio feed half way through their last song.
  • The Crist Choir Family is on stage now, but I can’t hear them.
  • The sound was back in time to hear the King’s Heralds sing “Good News/ Chariot’s A’Comin'”.

Notice the lack of comments?  Well, I’ve noticed an extreme lack of NQC webcast.  I’m not happy.


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