Posted by: coomercove | September 12, 2008

NQC 2008 – Song Of A Lifetime

I was late to the show, but I’ve logged in to the webcast of the Phil Cross led “Song Of A Lifetime” showcase. Video and audio seems solid. I’m at work, so I won’t be commenting on or mentioning everything.

  • Triumphant Quartet did “Hey Jonah”. Nice, not great, but nice enough.
  • Greater Vision did a song, but I only caught the last part. It was a song I hadn’t heard before, so it may be new.
  • Kingdom Heirs did “What We Needed” and sounded a lot better than they did last night. Still, whoever mixes the Kingdom Heirs should know that Arthur Rice should be the dominant voice. Unless the song features Billy Hodges, his voice should never dominate the group’s sound like it did on this song.
  • Phil Cross had all the writers and crowd stand up to give Dottie Rambo a round of applause.
  • Oh no…. I want to know what kind of blackmail material the Pfeifers have on the NQC board. Whatever it is, it has to be a lot more forgivable than subjecting everyone to this much stage time for the Pfeifers. Forget a refund for bad connections, I want a refund for having to listen to the Pfeifers so much. And why does the webcast always seem to work when they are on stage?
  • Some curly-headed dude Justin Hill (thanks, Andrew), the Pfeifers piano player,  did “Through The Fire”.  Justin looked familiar and he didn’t have veins popping out of his neck.
  • Phil Cross stepped down off the stage to talk to a woman who, twenty years ago, was told that she may have to consider terminating her pregnancy. When she began to leave the doctor, She started her car and “Miracle In Me” was playing. After the song ended, she went back in and told the doctor that terminating the pregnancy wasn’t going to happen. Today, that baby has grown up and is in training to be a Navy SEAL. The Greenes came to the stage to sing “Miracle In Me”.
  • Joseph Habedank spoke before the Inspirations did his song, “The Rose”.
  • The writer of “Jerusalem” and “Yahweh”, Paula Stefanovich (thanks, Wes!) did one of her songs, “The Lamb” (maybe?).
  • Off topic, but I just noticed that the Perrys’ website has a new look, black with red trim and white text.
  • Elmer Cole told about his writing of “Ten Thousand Years”, before Jim Brady and the choir sung it. Stating the obvious, but Jim Brady is good.
  • I missed some stuff, but got back to my desk in time to see Kyla Rowland (earlier, she seemed about ready to take off for Glory during the Greenes’ “Miracle In Me”) talk before the Perrys did “Holy Shore”. This should be the last song.
  • Phil Cross announced that they had one more song, but they were out of time. He made no mention as to who the writer would have been.


  1. The curly headed dude is the Pfeifers’ pianist, Justin Hill. He’s really good…so are the rest of them!!

  2. Thanks for the info, Andrew.

    As for the Pfeifers, different people have different taste. I don’t care for them, but I know some people do. Still, bigger (and better) groups have less exposure during NQC than they do. That, I don’t get.

  3. Yahweh’s writer is Paula Stefanovich.

  4. Thanks, Wes!

  5. The Pfeifers’ soundman is running the sound system for NQC.

  6. I asked Phil Cross about the last song. The finale song was supposed to have been Champion of Love (that he wrote), but there was no option to continue past 3:30 because they auditorium HAD to be cleared for setup for the evening concert.

    There were a lot of songwriters, but I thought that most of the emphasis was on the songs being “songs of a lifetime” rather than on the writers.

  7. are you listening to this stuff online? if so that’s why you may not be getting the right blends of voices…i’m the sound guy for the kingdom heirs and believe me arthur is always out front…but billy can get a little loud at times 🙂 and just because of the natural tone and range of his voice is likes to cut through…i always have my hand on his fader…also at the songwriters thing the actually used their tracks for all the backing instruments which was weird because we never use those…and there were some vocal stacks..which i will tell you honestly we don’t use hardly ever when we play as a full group but for the afternoon showcase they wanted some sweetining help so i threw some stacks in which is also where you may have heard billy come through a little louder…i’m not used to using the stacks! haha….well hope this my clear some things up! thanks for listening and God bless!


  8. zack,
    Just wondering, is the mix that’s sent to the radio and internet the same one heard by the audience iin Freedom Hall ?

  9. well technically it’s supposed to be, but the feed is being sent to a splitter going a million different ways so what you get by the time you get to the radio and internet is very skewed. because the one line is feeding the internet, radio, and television feeds. plus i didn’t get to see what all was being sent to the aux sends at what level. i’m very curious about this whole phenomenon because there are a lot of very disappointed people when it comes to the internet/radio sound. it’s something i think they really need to take into consideration in years to come. because honestly the sound in the house was not bad once mics got turned on and things got under control. also you have to remember there were only 2 FOH guys for the entire event. they were there for 14+ hours a day…anyones ears/judgment is shot by then 🙂

    hope this can kinda help

  10. Zack, thanks for commenting and letting us know what was going on.

    I was very disappointed with the webcast, but not because of the sound. The sound was sometimes good, sometimes bad. The worst I noticed was the Kingdom Heirs second main stage appearance. Zack, I hope you understand I’m not picking on the KH. Other than that one set, I enjoyed their sets. Anyway, with that many groups and that many things that could possibly go wrong, we shouldn’t expect things to be perfect. Overall, I was happy with the sound.

    My disappointment stems from the fact that the webcast only worked half the time for me.

  11. hey guys….man no sweat…i’ve been reading a lot of the blogs and actually have talked with the FOH guy from NQC and have found out that what happened was we were sending a feed from the FOH console to a separate mixer who was sending stuff to the radio and to the internet…so really i was only controlling what you would hear in the house. so whatever you were hearing was actually not my mix 🙂

    i know you’re not picking on the kingdom heirs man no worries…you’re a blogger and your job is to call it like you see/hear it…

    thanks for letting us know how things were going on the outside…i didn’t see much of it last week 🙂

    take care everyone!


  12. Daniel Crews of Calvary’s Voice sang the solo on “Through the Fire”. He tore it up. He’s the tenor that David Bruce Murray mentioned over at the Musicscribe blog. It was not Justin Hill.

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